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Lichfield Cathedral: West Front


Many of the medieval statues on the west front of Lichfield Cathedral were removed in 1744 or 1749. Most of the statues were replaced between 1876-1884 and are the work of the architectural and ecclesiastical stonemason Robert Bridgeman & Son.


Florence: Dante Alighieri

Dante Alighieri was a 13th century Italian poet with the Divine Comedy one of his most famous works. The sculpture is the work of the 19th century Italian sculptor Paolo Emilio Demi and stands in a niche along the facade of the Uffizi Gallery.


Florence: Mariangelo Accorso

Mariangelo Accorso was a 16th century Italian writer, translator and critic. Standing in a niche in Portico degli Uffizi stands a sculpture of Accorso with three books to his side. 16 more words


Riga: Alfrēds Bruno Jānis Kalniņš

Located near to Latvijas Nacionālā Opera is a stone statue of Alfrēds Bruno Jānis Kalniņš. Born in Cesis, Kalniņš was a Latvian composer, music critic and conductor who founded the Latvian National Opera. 22 more words


Yoga Statues for Meditation

Draw energy from statues of Buddha, Hanuman, Krishna, Ganesha, Durga, Lakshmi, Shiva, Vishnu made by hand
carved in stone and in brass. This Statues are perfect decor ideas for your meditation room as well and… 135 more words

Brass Statue

Treviso: Fallen For Independence


Located in the Piazza Indipendenze is the monument to independence 1844-1866. Unveiled in 1875, the stone sculpture pays tribute to those fallen in the struggle for independence from Austrian rule. 12 more words


Florence: The Battle of Mentana Monument

Located in Piazza Mentana Square in Florence is the monument commemorating the fallen during the Battle of Mentana. The sculpture pays tribute to the 150 volunteer freedom fighters who lost their lives in 1867 near the village of Mentana, Rome. 41 more words