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What have we here?

It’s only six weeks since I promised a more detailed post on the results of this summer’s excavations ‘in a few days’. Sorry about that. The┬álife part of the work/life balance has been getting some much needed attention over the summer. 594 more words


New dates for Neanderthal and AMH Overlap.......

A paper published in Nature today outlines a revised chronology for Neanderthal and AMH cohabitation in areas of Europe. The team behind the paper includes “Mr Radiocarbon” aka Tom Highham of… 429 more words


'Making Arrows' Part 6

A seemingly simple task such as making arrows could not have been performed without an extensive tool kit of items required to process the raw material into something useful. 1,139 more words

American West

'Making Arrows' Part 5

Coyote could hardly speak after the scolding he had just received from the shaman. He knew it had been foolish to think he could make Buck believe he had made the points on his own. 1,122 more words

American West

'Making Arrows' Part 4

The next morning, the two boys set about to find suitable materials and tools to complete the assignment given them by Silent Buck.

Squealing Rabbit headed out back along the trail that led back toward the Truckee Meadows. 1,216 more words

American West

'Making Arrows' Part 3

Silent Buck spat the chewed sinew from the jerky on the ground and bent down where the boys had placed their hunting weapons. He took the two bows and the bundle of arrows in his hands and examined them. 951 more words

American Indian

'Making Arrows' Part 2

Before long, the group became settled in at the camp and erected their temporary bark shelters. Broken Lance and Silent Buck called Rabbit and Coyote over to the campfire for a discussion about how to teach them the hunting skills they would need. 919 more words

American Indian