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History of Knives- Stone Age

Stone Age
The first knives used were created by simply fracturing rock- a new fracture being sharper then the original weather worn edge. Any broken rock can be used as a knife but some rocks were favored over others. 173 more words


An Introduction to Ireland's Late Mesolithic

The Late Mesolithic is characterized by a change in landscape, technology, settlement patterns, cultural identity and  the transitional phase to the Neolithic and Ireland’s first farmers. 736 more words



The cows are grazing our bit of the hill again so we are back inside our electric fence. I rigged this yesterday, stretching the wires around everyone as they got on with proper work and maintained a dignified silence in the face of my shocking Colditz commandant impersonations. 397 more words


Day of Archaeology

Is today and, almost as if we planned it, we have had a very productive two days since my last post. I climbed the hill yesterday to get this shot which shows how the three trenches we are digging this year fit together. 504 more words


Repetitive Tasks

You need to be comfortable with routines to be an archaeologist. After two seasons, regular blog readers are probably starting to get a feel for which jobs have to be done when in order to make sense of the evidence we dig up. 454 more words


A Picture Says A Thousand Words?

by Jonathan BrisendineField Archaeologist

The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” is not always true when it comes to lithics. One of our jobs as archaeologists is to inform the public of the wonderful cultural heritage that sits buried beneath our feet. 148 more words


Is there sufficient evidence to move the accepted date for the first use of stone cutting tools by hominins back by 800,000 years?

“The oldest direct evidence of stone tool manufacture comes from Gona (Ethiopia) and dates to between 2.6 and 2.5 million years (Myr) ago.” Bones at the Bouri site show cut marks made by stone tools around 2.5 Myr ago (McPherron et al. 525 more words