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Charcoal Grill Project (1)

We recently purchased a very nice gas grill.  It’s really great, but we sometimes still like the flavor of charcoal grilling.   Rather than just buy a charcoal grill, we decided to build one from scratch. 49 more words



Masonry is a age old trade. We have been dealing with stones since we started civilization and many of our techniques are still the same today Masonry is a beautiful addition to any space, indoor and out it helps add texture and structure to areas otherwise lacking. 94 more words

Landscape Design

Hamel Family Wines


Welcome to Hamel Family Wines. This truly is a family owned and operated winery, run by Pam and George Hamel, and I believe 3 of their children. 506 more words


Photo of the Day - 2014-07-26

The same perspective as yesterday’s photo but with the sun lower and creating more contrast. Oh well, time to let it go. Let’s hope the ‘Builders’ return with another surprise. 30 more words

Photo Of The Day

Photo of the Day - 2014-07-25

The view from ‘the other side’ taken a little earlier when there was still a blue sky. The elegance of the balancing is very apparent. They were ‘solid as a rock’ even though there was a relatively strong west wind. 8 more words

Photo Of The Day

Photo of the Day - 2014-07-24

Here’s a tighter shot that provides a better sense of how the stones were balanced. Why do I suspect vandalism and not a strong wind? A couple of the stones were broken in a manner that is not consistent with falling over, and a separate stone that was very securely positioned was also lying flat. 27 more words

Photo Of The Day

Photo of the Day - 2014-07-23

Remember that video I posted a few days ago from the North Shore Rugged Trail. It featured a short sense of what it was like at sunset with the stone creations left by an unknown party(s). 20 more words

Photo Of The Day