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The Hidden Ones

Our people were warriors, they journeyed far.
They followed the sun, the moon, the stars.
They honoured their dead who dwell with the living.
They left their mark on hilltop and moor. 93 more words


Day 71 - Circle of Rock

And in the sand,
Below the sunshine,
Rough blades of
Windblown grass,
Let’s sit and
The hottest coals,
Those cracking
Winter snows
And pounding… 31 more words

God's Purpose

We said previously that to understand the priesthood of believers we have to understand what Church is, and to understand that, we need to have a good grasp of God’s purpose. 1,473 more words



If you let other’s extinguish your fire,

you’ll be left with nothing but charred wood.

Keep the fire alive.

Picture This

Turquoise Stone Flower Ring Sterling Silver

Sterling silver ring has individually set turquoise stones with a total width of 12mm. This ring is available in whole sizes 5-9. .925 sterling silver.


Build a good foundation

and you will remain standing

long after the walls come down.

Picture This

Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Emerald-Cut Three-Stone Cubic Zirconia Ring

Flash a brilliant accent with this elegant three-stone ring, featuring three emerald-cut cubic zirconia stones, mounted in a setting of platinum-plated sterling silver. The cz stones have a total combined weight of five carats and are arranged in four-prong settings, with the centerstone raised slightly above the two sidestones. 15 more words