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Mammal Gallery (ATL,Georgia)

Recntly Mysterious & Dark Rapper “Jenky The Genie” was found at Atlanta venue “Mammal Gallery”
supporting artist “Command” from underground music group Menace for Society. JenkyTheGenie didn’t perform but had made a big Scene by coming inside the venue smoking herbs in a no smoking venue creating alot of attention towards him almost leading to a escort out of the venue.

How to approach learning a song

One of the skills I often find myself teaching is how to approach learning a song from notation/tab. Take the wrong approach and you can end up frustrated and wondering why a piece of music is eluding you. 361 more words

The hidden gem - Saint Mary's Platt

Lying four square on the A25 before reaching Borough Green in the region of Great Comp gardens is the village of Saint Mary’s Platt, known as Platt in the Parish of Platt.   870 more words

Plymouth in 1914 - July

Along with the calendar for July we have a double page picture of Lord and Lady Hardinge which Doidges featured and some information about the Eddystone lighthouse.. and jokes !

Gloucestershire Copywriter's tip if you want small-business offices near M5 J13...

This week’s post is an unashamed plug for another of our local Gloucestershire businesses – and proof that when you set out to help someone else you can end up getting valuable and unexpected benefits. 747 more words

Plymouth in 1914 - June

“A dripping June brings all things in tune ….”