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How to be a prepared stoner ...

Get a RAW all-in-one kit!

Big bag of weed not included …




Stoner Girl Date Night Ideas: Gremlins, Falafel & Samosas

A man brought me flowers, soda pop, gatorade, falafel and samosas.

He rolled the aforementioned flowers and we watched “Gremlins” …

The greatest Christmas movie ever made! 15 more words


Rules and Regulations of Headshops

Like any other business, headshops have rules that employees, and customers alike, have to follow. Not everyone knows these rules, however, and many make a lot of mistakes without ever realizing it. 504 more words


How to Roll a J / Blunt: Starring Wiz Khalifa & 2pac!

Battle of the Swisher Sweets and Zig Zag Man!


Best rapper to have ever lived, hands down, blesses us with a blunt rolling lesson. … 87 more words


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Roll that sh*, Light that sh**, SMOKE that sh**!!!

Nardwaur 'Human Serviette' the Best Damn Interviewer

Human Serviette

Ok if you haven’t experienced one of Nardwaur’s extremely in depth interviews, you must. I mean this guy has the scoop on almost everyone he interviews, and he interviews big names in the hip hop/rap community. 145 more words


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….Make sure you do your due diligence, it makes a great impression!

The perfect crime

Weed. It’s something people who live in Vancouver know a lot about, or at least know that it’s rampant. My roommate currently works for one of the pop up dispensaries that are gracing our city with their presence. 201 more words


Premium Bob Marley-Branded Weed Is Coming

If there was one thing Bob Marley loved, it was sweet reggae music. If there was another, it might be his family, or his hometown of Kingston, about which he sang poignantly throughout his career, or it might be the ganja. 257 more words

Bob Marley