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Why You Shouldn't Trust Weed Activists

Remember this guy from high school?:

You know, the guy who missed every single Chemistry class so he could smoke weed under the bleachers. The guy who always seemed to be wearing a Bob Marley T-shirt even though he couldn’t tell the difference between reggae and hip hop. 360 more words

Things I Hate

Happy Caturday from a couple of Stoner Kitties!

More adorableness from Toronto based Graphic Designer Julia Seward!

Alaska wasn’t getting any drugs in that photo so I sent him one of the catnip bats I made! 12 more words


ANYONE Who thinks Marijuana is NOT Medicinal is Stupid

It’s come to this, but the blatant responses from opposers of cannabis users are outright ridiculous.

Too many annoying, hateful, spiteful antagonists are targeting innocent, popular pages that provide hundreds of thousands of people on social networks with great content.  103 more words


Thanksgiving Kush: Otto and Stirfry Give Thanks

lets make this a quicker post because…well who really reads the longer ones anyway? hi kids, my name is paul durante (on twitter @DewmontPaul) and on occasion i write and direct what is sure to be the most mediocre webseries that you have ever seen. 241 more words

One of the things I’ve come to realize about being bipolar is I will never ever have control over my reactions, not emotions really, but how I react to the initial trigger. 163 more words


Everybody Must Get Stoned ...

Bob Dylan …

… and a …

Classic hip hop track …


Toke it easy,



Neko Montaaju Caturday Fun: Stoned Kitty Cat

Odessa introduced me to neko montaaju …

so …

I think Ace should blame her for all this!

I guess I was high enough to think those eyes would work … 31 more words