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Giuliana Rancic Busted Sarah Silverman with Weed on the Emmys Red Carpet

It’s safe to say E!’s slightly absurd Mani Cam never busted a stoner before, but the same can’t be said for the network’s new Clutch Cam. 88 more words


Food Porn: A Stoner's Dream Breakfast, Cottage Edition

From pie to iced coffee and everything in-between

Thank you to everyone who made this breakfast possible! Delicious joint effort.

Toke it easy,



Stoner Girl Fashion: Lazy Monday Outfit

Zebra mask

No bra

(Burned it)

Slightly hairy armpits

(I considered photoshopping my armpits to make them look equally hairy despite the lighting, isn’t that fucked up?) 22 more words


Monday Music Mix -- Zebra Katz FM Extra DJ Set

Dark, dreamy and delicious Zebra Katz Mix.

I love you Zebra Katz!!!

Toke it easy,



Everyday Things Renamed… By Stoners!

Everyday Things Renamed… By Stoners!

August 18, 2014

2.6K 13 4 22 14

If you looked at an ice cube for the first time with no prior knowledge of the word for frozen cubes of water, what would…

45 more words


The Best Greek Pizza I've Ever Eaten: Apollo's Pizza in Campbellford, Ontario

If you are road-tripping across Ontario, stop at Apollo’s Pizza in Campbellford.

You won’t regret this deliciousness.

Trust me. I eat a LOT of fucking pizza. 30 more words


Weed Cookies, Marijuana Candy, Cannabis Rice Krispie Squares

A wonderful friend gave me these for my birthday!

The cookies and squares were both filled with mint icing. Candies were sour and lovely and chewy! 19 more words