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Ebony and Ivory, 2014.

What I Learned About Stop-and-Frisk From Watching My Black Son – Christopher E. Smith – The Atlantic

… as the white father of an African-American son, I am keenly aware that I never face the suspicion and indignities that my son continuously confronts. 60 more words

"Praemonitus, praemunitus"

          This month, Christopher E. Smith, a white college professor and attorney wrote a thought-provoking article in The Atlantic. I want to thank Chief Chet Epperson of Rockford, Il. 498 more words


Bill de Blasio on Al Sharpton: 'He's the Real Thing'

Mayor Bill de Blasio hailed the Rev. Al Sharpton and touted his own accomplishments after nearly 100 days in office at the opening of the National Action Network’s annual convention in Midtown this morning. 541 more words

Two Sentences Speak Volumes About Race and Pot Arrests in Philly

At the last public hearing of the Philadelphia City Council regarding the now tabled bill 140001-A, a measure sponsored by Councilman Jim Kenney which would end the practice of mandatory custodial arrest for marijuana possession, an attorney who works with the ACLU to monitor the Philadelphia Police’s use of investigative stops, searches commonly called “stop and frisks,” testified before the Committee on Law and Government about the connection between petty marijuana arrests and racially disparate interaction with police. 199 more words



Dear Families, Friends and long time supporters,

We will be having a rally and press conference for Ramarley to demand that the Department of Justice (DOJ) launch a full investigation , convene a grand jury and to schedule a date and time to meet with our family. 57 more words

The special tax

This essay by Christopher Smith, who’s a professor of criminal justice at Michigan State, appears at The Atlantic. It’s part of a debate series on “ 259 more words

Whys & Wherefores

What I Learned About Stop-and-Frisk From Watching My Black Son

The “special tax” on men of color is more than an inconvenience. A white father shares his firsthand observations and fears.

180 more words
Black Men