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Do you have a gun?

It’s a question I’ve only been asked twice in my life, that I can recall. The first time was after I was hit by what turned out to be a stolen motorcycle (I wrote about it… 1,032 more words


"stop or i'll shoot"

While I’ve been talking about “ultimate selfie” technology here, the New York Police Department has announced a pilot program that will attach cameras onto the uniforms of 54 officers across six precincts. 143 more words


Sunday Matinee: Michelle Alexander - The New Jim Crow

Hey folks,

In light of recent events, I really felt this vid apropos today.  And my bad about the prolonged absence also, but the word dealer’s been in one of those stingy moods again. 491 more words


Yahnick Martin Receives $50K Settlement After NYPD Conducted Stop-And-Frisk and Ruined His Christmas

Yahnick Martin (pictured) got sweet reparation from the New York City Police Department after they  mistakenly slapped him with cuffs, hauled him off to jail, and had him leave his gift-filled van unattended and running on a Brooklyn street back in 2011. 302 more words


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Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

#WeCantBreathe: Principles of Policing Gone Wrong

Written by Nicholle Lamartina Palacios ~

“While there is no universal consensus on the best form of policing, one thing is certain: reform is needed. …

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Nicholle Lamartina Palacios

NYC's Pot Fine Controversy

 NYC Mayor’s Marijuana Law Plans Divides New Yorkers

On November 9, Mayor Bill De Blasio announced plans to change the way marijuana users are dealt with in New York City’s justice system. 1,197 more words