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The NYPD's Twitter Photo Contest Just Totally Backfired: People Posted Pics of Police Brutality

The New York City Police Department decided it would be a good PR move to utilize social media to generate support for the department. So, they encouraged people who had pictures with NYPD officers to tweet them using the hashtag… 255 more words

Non-fiction day: The Divide and The Lucifer Effect

I’m not quite finished with Matt Taibbi’s new book, The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap, but I thought I’d review it now because, a.) I’m pretty sure of my impressions of the book and b.) it should be read in conjunction with another book, … 1,280 more words


Oops! 6 Times CNN Defended The Bad Guy (LIST)

Disclaimer: We all make mistakes.

Not quite like Fox News’ deliberate digs, but all publications drop the ball every now and then. And everyone’s beloved… 1,077 more words


Easter Sunday: Reflect on the hoodie that Christ wore

Easter is not only an opportunity to relive Christ’s resurrection, but also an opportunity to resurrect ourselves, and our thinking about the example Christ gives in our lives. 1,674 more words


Police Propaganda Shows (Part 2)

There is an active social engineering mass cognitive infiltration  campaign.  Through television, people can become accustomed to the spy control grid, a symptomatic manifestation of the technocracy.  610 more words

Police State

Alternatives to Stop-Question-and-Frisk

By Marisch Perera

Stop-Question-and-Frisk has been a controversial practice in the past two decades. In recent years, the number of stops has increased with no arrests, summons, or gun recovery. 170 more words

Politics & Society

Arguments against Stop-Question-and-Frisk

By Marisch Perera

Stop-Question-and-Frisk breaks trust between the New York Police Department and members of the community. Police officers gain control of neighborhood safety by stopping anyone of reasonable suspicion without having to articulate why they believed the subject was armed. 192 more words

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