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When Events or Things Cross Your Path, Do you take action?

When events or things cross your path, Do you take action?

What happens to you when something comes across your path? Do you run over it, trip over it, fall on top of it, or stop…huff…and stand there waiting for it to move out of your way!   419 more words


Thanksgiving Meals in Exile - at The Kid’s Table

You may know the feeling. The adults are in the dining room with lots of great food, good stories and continuous and particularly loud laughter. My father has awakened from his mid-morning nap in front of the Macy’s Parade on our TV and is in his place at the head of the table. 706 more words

Stages Of Life

Relatively Speaking

It’s life’s illusions I recall. I really don’t know life at all.”

–“Both Sides, Now” (Joni Mitchell)

With every year that passes, I tell myself that I’ve gotten wiser and am 

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Stop And Think

God's Top 10 - How Did Coveting Even Make the List?

So, most of us are familiar with the list. We’ve heard it read. We’ve seen the fiery finger of God write it on stone in the movies. 712 more words

Life Is Short

The Shed - Exposing the Heart Part II

“Because, if I’m honest, I’ll admit that I care more about what you think about me than I do about what God knows about me! And that’s just messed up.” 464 more words

Get Real

What's for dinner?

For me there is no contest when it comes to food… 

Italians do it

THE BEST!  129 more words

Change Is Good

An Ode to Stupidity

And the day it ceases to be dumb is the day that it ceases to be real.”

–Lester Bangs on rock and roll (Almost Famous…

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Stop And Think