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Stop the world, I want to get off!

If only we could move around a lot faster instead of walking or driving. It’s such a bore. You have to stop to avoid running a red light, sloe down because of speed limits. 109 more words

Half Stop @ Tinos

Driving from or from ToThalassaki you reach the top of the hill after the winding road down towards the sea. Before you turn onto the main road (leading to the port) there is a quick half stop :-).

Life Cycles

Mixed Signals

This morning as I was driving down a two lane road I encountered a road repair crewman standing in the middle of the intersection. In his right hand was one of those two-sided signs that said SLOW on one side and STOP on the other. 338 more words

Journey With Jesus

Stop Signs - The Moondoggies

A quick song for your Sunday afternoon: “Stop Signs” by The Moondoggies. The new music video came out mid-July and somehow I just stumbled across it. 50 more words

The Audible Threshold

Three driving-related peeves

The first is accident rubbernecking. Ok, I get it. As people are passing by (1) simple curiosity takes over, or (2) it’s a way of validating that as bad as you feel your day is going, someone else is having a worse one, or (3) maybe you can help, but you know what, emergency crews are trained for these very situations, more than qualified than the rest of us. 129 more words

To Stop or Not to Stop...Should it be a Question?

Early Sunday morning some fellow cyclists and I took to the streets for a nice long ride. As we travelled along quiet rural roads and through sleepy little towns we may have rolled through a few stop signs and may even have run a red light. 625 more words