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NASCAR Shmazcar

So a bunch of people get into their finely tuned, high-performance racing machines, drive around a track for a bit, get all their automotive needs taken care of by a highly expert team, and go racing around again until someone wins. 1,686 more words


Don't I have to stop BEFORE the stop sign??

Nope. Only if the stop sign is placed where you should stop. Sometimes those octagonal signs are placed in convenient places and their only job is to help regulate the intersection by giving the command to STOP. 239 more words

Differences - 52 Week Photographers Challenge

A ‘Stop’ sign is a ‘Stop’ sign and they are all the same – right. Not in Italy where the local graffiti artists are getting creative in adjusting them to make them amusing. 65 more words


A Sign Of Things To Come

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge prompt is ‘Signs’.

WordPress kindly let me know that Girl In A Pale Blue Dress was my 200th post, a good sign that I’m still managing to blog away. 1,011 more words

My California

I call that motivation

One of the best parts of moving to a new country is noticing the differences between my home country and my new one.  This post highlights the cool things I’ve seen in everyday life here that are not a part of our everyday life in the US or at least in any of the states where I have lived. 387 more words

Becoming A Franconian

Stop the world, I want to get off!

If only we could move around a lot faster instead of walking or driving. It’s such a bore. You have to stop to avoid running a red light, sloe down because of speed limits. 109 more words