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Sourcing scripts

Most animators build a stopmotion movie from an idea they had while sitting on a bus or write a story on the fly (try not to do this!) but the more dedicated animators rely on a solid script or screenplay to guide them through the animation process. 670 more words


Stopmotion done cheaply

A large number of stop motion hobbyists seem to be 15-25 year old students, often studying film  and media.  The student stereotype is about living off dry noodles and washing car windscreens at traffic lights to fund their courses.  587 more words


The production cycle

So you have a camera, some capture software and a weekend to burn on a stop motion flick. What’s the first thing you do? You set up your camera, grab a puppet and start clicking one frame at a time. 579 more words


How to find voice actors

Most stop motion movies require audio.  This is typically, music, sound effects and dialogue (speech).  Free creative commons music and sound effects are usually quite easy to source from the internet but finding voice actors can be a little bit harder and the more voice actors you need, the harder it can get.  701 more words


Welcome to my stopmotion animation blog

Welcome to my blog about stopmotion animation.  I hope to share with the world all the lessons I learn as I develop and hone my skills as a stop motion animator.  72 more words


Højer Designhøjskole


Video lavet for Højer Designhøjskole.

Papercraft Stop-Motion Animation in Sci-Fi Music Video

The new music video from French trio Ödland takes DIY special effects to a whole other world by using elaborately constructed papercraft settings for their cosmic stop-motion animations. 156 more words