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It’s been a long time since I wrote here. 

This afternoon, still heavy with the virus that’s pestered me for two and a half weeks now—never quite enough to make me rest completely, but never quite loosening its woolly grip on my brain—I sat in the backyard and watched the garden. 472 more words


i can't stop

i went through a hard break recently. it wasn’t heartbreak, because that entails love. there was no love in this case. just… nothing.
the break started when he made me cum. 347 more words

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Why Do I Quit?

My wife put it so eloquently yesterday, and it hit me like a ton of bricks!! Took the wind right out of my sails.  Here, I thought I was sailing along, and moving forward and she said something along the lines of I never finish anything I start.  537 more words

Gotta Stop

Surprise, surprise, this post contains detailed discussion of self harm. Though it is a more “positive” type of post, please use caution. There is still blatant talk of cutting. 431 more words


Not sure what to do! Oh and I'm back!

Wavey Hello again! I am back from my holiday to the lovely Isle of Wight! :D Pretty sad to be back really…back to retail work :( 119 more words


Becoming Unstuck !

Do you ever get that stuck feeling? Stuck in a relationship, in a job, in the same familiar uncomfortable pattern?

When clients tell me this, I often suggest they pick up a pen, and a fine notebook with fresh empty pages and start to write. 447 more words

Stopping Unwanted Attention-Seeking Habits of Your German Shepherd

How can you say no to this adorable German Shepherd? It would be so hard to ignore him as his face is simply heart-melting Thanks to Erica N. 50 more words