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It looks bad, but it's not..

Although I posted about this earlier today so not much has changed I thought I would update a little as I’ve cleaned it up a little.. 154 more words



We have that much wild beast left in us to taste the light, the sun’s tilt on a particular day of a particular season. ¬†Sunrise and sunset we howl best and most for that distinctiveness of light and so it is that early morning, walking into a sun rising after damp, reflective night, we see the thing we see every day but this time really must stop. ¬† 30 more words

MsMpSvc terminates on Windows Server 2003 with defininition version

Have had various servers this morning with the Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection Client service msmpsvc.exe terminating frequently. The service control manager restarts it but it dies again fairly quickly. 431 more words


Shopping time!

Todays been a great day, drove up to Milton Keynes shopping centre to get myself some new clothes, ended up with 2 new pairs of jeans, 2 shirts and some new underwear. 40 more words