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Writing 101: Freewrite - Three Songs of Importance. Only 3!?!

Free write about three songs of importance in my life for fifteen minutes.  Dang, I froze because my head got flooded with fragments of songs clogging up my brain. 615 more words

Writing 101

Fake it

Lily was in love. She knew it, she felt it, and she thought other people could sense it, as well.

How could she not love Peter, after all? 251 more words


Writer Wednesday Blog Hop 9/17/2014

Hello, story lovers! Here is the lovely Heather ready to give you the prompts for this week’s blog hop.

So, we’re now halfway through the second week of little legs being back at school, and it’s been really weird for me after having her around for six weeks. 282 more words


A One-Armed Paper Hanger

Have you ever had that moment where you see someone get their foot stuck in their mouth? Like really, really stuck? Then you watch as they flutter and splutter, but no matter how much they wiggle they’ve been caught in too big of a sticky mess to get themselves out? 464 more words


GQ Exposes The Military Sexual Trauma Of Men

GQ Exposes the Military Sexual Trauma Of Men

By TUT Staff

GQ has shed some light on several Military Sexual Trauma cases that involves men. Cases that are never discussed. 1,141 more words


Writing 101: A Room with a View, Please.

Oh how I love to awake to this room, this place. Whenever I’m here I sleep so soundly and when it’s time to awake I peacefully edge back into reality. 385 more words

Writing 101

Veteran With Traumatic Brain Injury Heals

Nebraska veteran who suffered traumatic brain injury couldn’t heal until he shed his shame


Physical therapist Daina Podraza makes note of Ryan Sharp’s balance abilities during a session at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln that involved the use of a computerized exercise machine. 2,243 more words