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Film Food - Documentary Stories of Cocoa, Life in Chocolate.

First taste of chocolate.  Do you remember?  Remember the joy of opening a chocolate bar?

A journalist recently visited Cocoa farmers to film their first taste of chocolate… 693 more words


The Skeleton Danced at Midnight

Write a new piece using at least five of the nouns from Bradbury’s sample list, above: The lake. The night. The crickets. The ravine. The attic. 213 more words



Welcome back, readers.

My apologies for the long break since the last post. I’d like to give a shout-out to my friend who visits the store occasionally and makes sure I’m staying on track with this blog! 649 more words


August 1, 2014

Hello Sweetheart, I’m sorry for all the times I expect you to have a magic wand that fixes everything. I’m sorry for all the times I expect you to say the… 86 more words


Never Thought This Would Happen... - Chapter 4

Well, hello there, blog world!

Welcome to this week’s chapter of Never Thought This Would Happen…!

*Sarah O.*

Ugh. Why do I keep running into him at such inconvenient times? 647 more words


Excerpt from Lux Lucis Proeliator

Here we go…it’s been a while friends and fiends of the blogosphere. I’ve been busy with a number of things including writing my first novel. The following is an excerpt from my newly finished novel Lux Lucis Proeliator (The Light Warriors) in which we meet James Brigand. 320 more words