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Hamlet, the Captain, and Today's Soldier

There are several reasons the short discourse between Hamlet and a captain from Fortinbras’s army at the end of Act Four has become my favorite scene in the play  1,225 more words


We sent you two row boats and a helicopter!

You may have heard the story about a man caught in a flash flood. He was devoutly religious and was sure that God would save him.


A to Z P is for....PIXIES

Okay. It’s a good thing I have another resource for pixies other than the Internet. The world wide web would have me believe that the little folk who were the first inhabitants of Cromwell, who waged war against the fairies about the time of the Roman conquest, who have red hair, turned up noses, green eyes  and wear green to camouflage themselves in the lush and grassy countryside–are actually an alternative rock band from Boston in 1986. 106 more words

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Ole Freeze-Up  

Photo: The house my father and his brothers built and in which the five of us grew up, fitting in somehow . . . and watching lightning from that porch. 448 more words

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Scribble Log 04-16-14: "Wish"

“Soups done!” Grandpa appeared around the corner with a steaming pot in his hands. His oven mitts were freshly laundered, but already the scent of food clung to it like dandelion fluff. 607 more words


Picture-a-Week Wednesday 'The Martyrs'

The martyrs, the sacrifice, the Order of the Pure. Their faces, their independence, shielded by the weaving of their own hair into an intricate habit, a burka. 1,101 more words


a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal

walk with me he says

and the son now five holds his father’s hand and they are in town walking the sidewalk after just eating You know your mother is dead he says and the boy nods squeezing his father’s hand it is warm and clammy despite the freezing temperatures the cold front coming in promising more rain maybe even snow… 552 more words