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Fun Way to Learn Spanish

“Today’s word is ventana,” announced Cleotilde, our self-proclaimed Spanish instructor. She hails from Central America and she’s full of zest for life. She tells us countless stories about how she managed the arduous thousand mile trek across the desert to come here. 481 more words


Writing Tips #9 Short Story vs. Novel Stories

Here’s the thing, NaNoWriMo was great. It really was, I finally after about two years of claiming to have a dream of writing but not actually putting any words down on the paper other than planning related words (that kept changing) I actually stopped procrastinating and stuck fingers to keys and tapped some 50,000 words in 26 days. 268 more words


You Should Not Be Dancing

What if disco didn’t die…what if it was brutally murdered? This thought plagued me as I dove into this week’s Finish That Thought. My tragic tale of boogie horror was this week’s winner (to my great surprise, as you’ll notice that I this story isn’t exactly serious). 504 more words


Do We Make "Content"?

Last month I went to Dallas (my first time in the Big D, at least out of the airport) for the annual MCN conference. 987 more words

Museum Work

Written Language is Weird

Words are made up of letters which are symbols that human kind has created and placed meaning in. Every word is just a combination of symbols that someone a long long time ago came up with and decided that it meant something specific. 241 more words

Little Notes

Update: Getting There...

Ah! That feeling you get after the first time you re-read an old story of your own that you had previously put aside for a long spell. 720 more words


Upsets of the Decade: #1 The WatShot

Where were you when it happened?

That’s what people in Bloomington ask to this day about the iconic WatShot that sent the Hoosiers to victory over the #1ranked rival Wildcats.

26 more words