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When I was a 4th grader in elementary school, our teacher told us that when a tree falls in the forest, if no one is around to hear it fall, it makes no sound what so ever. 44 more words

Sunrises and Sunsets

Did you ever watch a sunrise, just as it begins? As the colors become more visible, how sharp they are. Each color is distinct and in its place. 62 more words

A Character MUST Die!

A Character MUST Die!

Natalie Bright

My WIP is going great. Writing, writing, writing… until this morning.

Last night, our 13yo told me about the latest video game that he and his friends have mastered. 320 more words


Checking In

Hey Everyone!
I’m still working on something to send. I think I’m looking at going through all my stuff and see what is in there. 26 more words

The Effect On The Kids

What is this doing to the kids? It leaves a lot of younger ones in the hands of day care when relatives are not available. Sometimes this is good and other times not so good. 474 more words


Guys, thank you for liking the pages I sent today! It means a lot.
This afternoon I started preparations for a children’s book at KDP. ( I deleted something else I had there. 58 more words

A Magical Forest

Long ago, at the far reaches of the galaxy, was the most beautiful magic forest. It was such a happy and friendly place.  All the animals helped each other. 443 more words