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A determined Nachiketas...

Ankur picks up a twig and places it on the branch of a tree.  There is a breeze and the twig falls down.  He and his friend Kala, the crow were trying to place the twigs on top of the tree to make a nest. 1,113 more words


Interview With YA Author Josh Bellin.

Today I am thrilled to bring you my guest and fellow author (who happens to share the same fabulous Agent Liza Fleissig of the Liza Royce Agency) Josh Bellin.  707 more words

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The Joy of God's Words

When God’s words came to the prophet Jeremiah, he ate them; they were his joy and his heart’s delight. When the prophet Ezekiel was fed with God’s words, those words were sweet as honey. 77 more words

Stories For Children

Give Hugs To...Your Favorite Book.

Tomorrow is the start of HUG A BOOK WEEK, a celebration of favorite books.  Your child can enjoy his favorite book/character/setting by:

1. Acting out a favorite scene.   77 more words


God Made Everything Beautiful

A year ago I was hosted by a kind family in the country-side of Sweden.  Crespo was one of the family cats. My assistant Cristina and I had just talked about writing something to  ward off some of the bad rap black cats have. 48 more words

Stories For Children

Greengrocer Jack and the Talking Cabbages

Chapter One
Hot, Sticky Porridge
Some time ago, in a place not too far from here, there lived a man named Jack. Now Jack lived a normal life, with nothing exciting ever happening to him. 3,537 more words

Stories For Children

The Two Mothers

Dhritharashtra and Pandu are brothers. Pandu the younger brother was crowned king, as the elder Dhritharashtra was blind. Gandhari, wife of Dhritharashtra also blind-folds herself as she did not want to see the world which her husband cannot see and enjoy. 481 more words