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An unexpected moment in the waves of Surin Beach

Surin Beach is a small somewhat obscure beach on the Island of Phuket in southern Thailand.  All of Phuket is a tropical paradise, so to find something impressive against the backdrop of paradise, is surprising!   1,245 more words

Personal Reflections

Are You Ready?

“Are you ready?”

*Dog wags tail happily.*

“Well ok then. “

*Sprays dog with water. Dog immediately jumps and starts whining.*

“You were NOT ready!”

Stories From My Life

Post A Day: Third Rate Romance

“What are you doing?” I asked, peering down at the expectant face.

“I…I think you know what I’m doing,” he stammered, blue eyes glossing over with tears. 463 more words

Daily Prompt Responses

I've got to Start Somewhere

A few years ago I picked up a book entitled Start Somewhere: Losing What’s Weighing You Down Fom The Inside Out*. Written by Calvin Nowell, a Christian songwriter and recording artist, it is the story of how he got to be a young guy weighing 450 pounds, with a 60 inch waist, and how he found a way to  lose 215 of those pounds. 422 more words

Stories From My Life

If you ever go to Vietnam, you must try Rat

Every destination has a must see or a must do.  India has the Taj Mahal.  China has the Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors.  America has the Statue of Liberty and Mt. 631 more words

Stories From My Life

on yellow cars and casual, cultural sexism

We play a game, our family.

It’s a driving game, it keeps the kids occupied on long trips, gives us something fun to rib each other about along the way. 948 more words