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Mother, Daughter, and the Bold Scout

“I asked what brought you here, youngling?” Annika stared at the male Parua. Taking in the way he clutched at the scimitar at his side, the subtle way he rocked from paw to paw and buried the sight of his eyes into the grey dirt beneath their feet to avoid their red eyes locking onto one another. 486 more words


NaNaWriMo Pitch: A Summoner's Chronicle

Today’s pitch comes in the form of an outline– no character names yet, just types, so here it is–

A Summoner’s Chronicle

A servant boy, one of three triplets works in castle held by a city state in “Italy” 509 more words


NaNaWriMo Pitch: The Fives Paths of Power

Jerami De Lorenzo’s father, once the sovereign Duke of Comrandia,  now dead and deposed, replaced by an usurper for whom Jerami’s hatred burns in the pit of his teenage stomach.   366 more words