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The Judge and the Thief in the Dungeon

Mettel hung four feet from the floor, his wrists chained above his head, tail and feet dangling so far from where a human or Silla Jinn’s feet would barely scrape the floor.   383 more words


The Brothers Entering the Tomb

Gellian spoke softly into the ear of his camel, a giant white beast of unusual size and strength, magnificent and glowing with the light of the Sun in its eyes, stamping its foot, snorting into the air.   502 more words


The Sun Cycle Image: Three Silla Jinn

Here’s another image that I have of characters in the world of the Sun Cycle.  Its also from the awesome and accomplished Michael Jaecks, and features three Silla Jinn.


Meet the Silla Jinn

The Silla Jinn were actually the very first characters we met in the Sun cycle, in the form of the three brothers at the tomb.  We’ve barely seen hide nor hair of them since then, as Dokkaebi, Parua, humans, and Ghul have filled out or characters.   608 more words


Mother and Daughter Moving into the Sill

“Ey, ey, ey!” Mitzia could hear the Hyenas in the distance, but closer now than before.  Her mother pulled the young Parua nearly as fast as her tiny feet could carry her. 291 more words


The Bold Scout in the Sill

Maba knew that crossing the Sill was dangerous, but he had no choice– he needed to reach the Five Tribes Desert before the mercenaries; he had to warn his tribe.   375 more words


Comic Script: Knights of the Round

Isue 1: the Comet Falls

Page 1: 3 Panels

Panel 1: (Merin, white male, early forties, hair is light brown with strands of visible gray, eyes are green, dressed in plain brown robes with a single heavy brass medallion featuring the dragon of Pendragon on it is looking through a telescope.  1,073 more words