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It was a Sunday – not a day, but rather a gap between two other days. It was also October, a gap between two other months. 452 more words



Stories are the backbone of my world. I hear them, I tell them, I write them. This summer I had my first big girl, real world job aka an unpaid internship (does a transportation stipend count?). 509 more words


Nightly Disturbances - #MuseItUp #DaffodilAndTheThinPlace

The July prompt for my writers’ group was a first line prompt. There was a selection of ten first lines to choose from and the one I selected ‘He didn’t want to go out on such a night but…’ 2,229 more words

Daffodil And The Thin Place

Holding On

Jean’s eyes bristled with tears as she placed her hand on Grandmama’s shoulder. The frail, old woman smiled sadly at her granddaughter and shifted her position on the hard hospital bed to look into her eyes. 270 more words



One of the major cross-roads I came across was choosing between stock investing and Forex. I started with a total investment of around ~$2,000. If I was to make the most with the money I have, I have to choose between the two. 388 more words


99% Invisible

Design, design, design. How does it shape our world? What goes on in the background every day? If you like to stare at pretty signs way too long, if you like architecture in a modern or historical way, if you appreciate the influence of good design in society, then this podcast is for you. 213 more words

Amendment 103

Prompt: Pick your most cherished political view and convincingly argue the other side. 846 more words