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Shubho Mahalaya

and she opened eyes
filled with love and purest bliss
earth mirrored the glow

Devipaksha begins with homage to ancestors. Today is Mahalaya, the first day of Devipaksha, those of you who has been with me last year know the stories. 137 more words

Sharmishtha (trisha) Basu

Lonely Fears

She tucked her head into herself-
Hid herself from the world-
And he asked her, “what’s wrong?”
And she said, “I’m scared.”
He tried to hold her, 44 more words


A Smile!

She smiled at a sorrowful stranger…
The smile seemed to make him feel better…
He remembered past kindnesses of a friend
And wrote him a thank you letter… 170 more words


Oh the gladness of their gladness when they’re glad, And the sadness of their sadness when they’re sad; But the gladness of their gladness, and the sadness of their sadness, Are as nothing to their badness when they’re bad

Adaptation for Survival

Charlie, you never liked the Bearded Dragons.

I remember when we bought the terrarium for Mr. Frog.

I suggested that you could use it for a Bearded Dragon when you tired of Mr. 424 more words



The street is empty and cold as I make my way down Maria’s front steps, towards my bicycle locked up a few doors down. The air hangs heavy with memories of a bygone age. 324 more words


First contact 2 - Julian

Oh my God! It was so weird. I was in the woods with my family, when something really strange suddenly appeared in front of us. It was about four feet tall, plump and boggle-eyed, and it had no nose or mouth. 74 more words