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Interactive Tick-Borne Illness Map | DiscoverMagazine.com

 Interactive Tick-Borne Illness Map | DiscoverMagazine.com.

Plot your zero point where you have gotten bitten and tell a brief story about. Then share this with all of your connections that have lyme or know someone who has lyme. 30 more words


New Story: "Feist Heist"

BYO Producer Laine Kaplan-Levenson tells of an embarrassing yet passionate moment at an outdoor music festival where she became the “fan on drugs”.

New Orleans

Happy Blog-iversary To Me.

A little over a year ago was the beginning, the beginning of a force so powerful that no one could have seen it coming. People all over the internet surfed away from their mundane social media websites to view the start of a new era: the birth of HeyPoofy.wordpress.com. 810 more words

365 - 17th April 2014 (21:50)

The world will always spin. As it does, every day. Around and around despite all the little changes.

One persons life can change so dramatically in a year, the world can change so little. 86 more words

Red Ink Is No Joke

One of my students learned some valuables lessons today:

(1) If you break a red pen, do not put said pen between your legs because your pants will not soak up all the ink.   115 more words

Random Thought

Creating Character Conflicts

Writers know that creating interesting characters is an important part of writing fiction. Adding some conflict, however, creates fireworks and can change an okay story into a great one. 885 more words