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The Power of Story

It was a dark and stormy night in the Catskill mountains, and a band of robbers sat around their daily spoils.

“Boys, let’s have a story,” the captain said.

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Team Building

Trolling 101

I tried the baddest prank I only thought a while ago. The moment I got in our room and surprised my “trolling victims”, there was a teddy bear, a pillow, a half-filled bottled water, and tetra packs of energy drinks about to land in my face. 437 more words


The county fair

The county fair was five dollars this year. Every year I ask myself why I’ve come but every year I go. Every year I see the cows and horses and pigs and ducks and goats and rabbits and chickens and sheep. 299 more words


A Certificate of What?

Sometimes, literally translating what someone says doesn’t turn out well.  Or maybe it’s what the French call “faux amis” (false friends) which are words that sound very similar in English and French, but really aren’t the same at all… … 277 more words


Dad's perfect gift

I remember the Christmas where Mom found the perfect gift for Dad. It was so perfect that he got two of: the one Mom bought and the one he bought five days before Christmas. 203 more words


The Time Traveller's Verbs, Part 3: To Save Our Future

In Part 2 of The Time Traveller’s Verbs, the Captain and Sergeant Joe explained past tense verbs to Kevin, Mia, and little Zifnat, with some help from Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci. 1,358 more words


Wartime Memories of the Men and Women who knew the Airfield at Silloth when it was Operational.

Some years ago, a collection of personal reminiscences about the airfield was compiled by a local history group of the University of the Third Age (Solway).   45 more words