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Local Mosque Holds Weekly Food Bank for Community

The need for food is great, even in the most affluent cities in the United States.

The Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia hosts a food bank every Thursday morning, distributing essential grocery items to those in need. 776 more words

Fairfax County

Her Wasteland

He wondered through the miasma of her wasteland, taking with him everything he could take. Not a rock unturned. Not a stone left untouched. Not a smile left behind. 349 more words


What Unplanned Babies Help Us Learn

I became a parent accidentally.  Now, I was that person who liked to walk around saying, “This is the year 20__. You must be silly to accidentally have a child with all the preventions available.” So, turns out, I am that silly person. 1,067 more words


Auditions and Adventures!

So Many Things Happened Today!!!!


First off, I had an audition for a new show called Rising Star.  This will be on ABC and is doing auditions in select cities as well as accepting videos from Instagram and YouTube. 559 more words


A hero


Today I am reminded that through the viscosity of selfishness, greed, and pure malice — in spite of this — there are simply nice people in this world with benign intentions. 132 more words


Semarak Tuponas!

Sejak 5 bulan terakhir ini, TUPO jadi sesuatu yang akrab sekali di telinga, otak dan hati saya.
Sensasinya, keseruannya, kehebohannya, ternyata ngangenin dan mulai jadi madat. 543 more words


3 Destinasi Impian Orang Indonesia

Ketika bujet mencukupi, traveling ke luar negeri yang lebih jauh dari Asia Tenggara, jadi impian banyak wisatawan Indonesia. Kemana mereka bermimpi untuk pergi, rupanya ada 3 negara yang bersaing ketat! 148 more words