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Jobs in Occupational Therapy Nationwide

Occupational Therapy OT Information:
Occupational therapist jobs are very rewarding. By helping others with their lives, the occupational therapist can gain not only monetary rewards but also valuable emotional rewards. 96 more words


Friday Night's GOOSEBUMPS Live Tweet

Friday night…

I may have to publish a list of Goosebumps tropes, but I think they’re pretty easy to spot.

Leave X-Force alone, Stine!

I can’t decide if  320 more words

Book Review

Free Open Access Mental Health Education for General Nurses and Midwives #FOANed

If you’re a nurse or midwife, and own an internet-enabled device you have unprecedented access to information.

Information + motivation = education.

Borrowing from the very successful… 240 more words


Tweeting and how it helps me analyse horror

It’s generally known that if you want your public announcements to have a significant effect you need an audience, and the bigger the better. The experience I had of me tweeting in real-time my Japanese horror movie views was slightly impaired I think because my twitter account has a very small amount of followers. 363 more words


Pencil Thin Apple Ipad Launch

The wait for the launch of Apple’s latest products has come to an end. On October 16 the latest models of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 were unveiled along with an update for their Mac operating system, quick pay service, iMac model and Apple Sim. 302 more words

Humber Journalism

Ebola Epidemic Continues in United States

Many new cases of people contracting or being exposed to the Ebola virus have surfaced over the passed week. Click here to get up to date on what’s happening.

Journalism and Social Media

Without making light of the events that have made it one of the biggest stories of the year, it’s safe to say that Ferguson, USA has become… 716 more words

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