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Messing with Storify

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share the storify that I just made about the Rolling Stone’s article on sexual assault at University of Virginia. This was the first time using this platform and I found it more interesting than I initially thought I would. 28 more words

How Anon Culture feeds GamerGate

I’ve been avoiding mentioning the dreaded G word because saying it feels like chucking a basketball at a hornets nest and I haven’t felt up to dealing with rape threats this month. 121 more words

Geek Feminist

Storify: curate your own social media story

KAIROS recently shared a Storify version of their “We’re Still Here” celebration gatherings from across the country. ¬†Storify is a free web-based application that allows you to collect various bits of social media — tweets, pictures, videos– and collect them into your own story to share with others. ¬† 83 more words

How To

#CrimingWhileWhite vs. #AliveWhileBlack (Storify)

In the wake of the recent controversial grand jury verdicts, that failed to indict the officers that killed Mike Brown and Eric Garner there were many people outraged all over not only America, but the world. 63 more words

Storify, or How to Herd Cats

Sometimes, getting your arms around a story is akin to herding cats. A couple weeks ago, I wrote about storytelling and about a couple of new storytelling tools I found that I thought might help me tie up some stray news items that tend to escape notice, allowing me to round them up into a cohesive marketing message. 331 more words