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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA ~ Photo by Phil Koch

via colour my world.

Interestingly, there is somewhat less “Milwaukee” to this scene than I recall from my misspent youth, and perhaps that is no bad thing…


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When the heat builds the night crawlers come out.

The view from my driveway Monday just past. The New England area of NSW has experienced record breaking temperatures over the past week, the 42 degrees yesterday was exhausting, and it isn’t officially summer for another two week or so. 55 more words


Storm moving quick directly over me 6:40 a.m.

See the sun still trying to come out at the bottom. By this time the clouds are completely over me. BTW it is 21ยบ! Brrrr

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Storm clouds looking South 6:35 a.m.

I need to learn how to do a time lapse so you can see how fast this happens. It is fascinating to me!!! What an awesome Friday morning. 8 more words

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There's a storm coming~6:15 a.m. Looking SW out back

See the clouds moving over the spot where I shoot the sunrises? In a matter of minutes it was completely covered with clouds. I live on the plains of Oklahoma and have a perfect view of the storms. 26 more words

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Out by the Shed

Approaching storm clouds above the shed