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Breathing Space - October 11/14

The wet and windy weather arrived in spurts today, and my spiderweb-suspended leaves were long gone this morning. The rapidly changing weather – from bright sun to cold pouring rain and back again – culminated with a lightning storm at sunset. Exhilarating!


Nevermore shall death pass this door

Storm clouds are building
way out at sea
we’ve seen this play before
there is no happy ending
you can dance around it
till exhausted but never stop it… 99 more words


Storm, with Fruit

Storm, with Fruit

The basket of fruit brims
in the shadows. By tomorrow the heat
will be leaking the juices of a peach.

Storms roll in from the south, 81 more words

Storm Day

The golden light lingered endlessly on across the over ripe grass, barely noticing the clouds brewing themselves into a hug black bruise. Silently the dark energy gathered, a whisper rolling in unseen from the edges. 289 more words