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Your Atmos

In the Texas Panhandle, weather is really fickle. One hour it’s a balmy eighty-five degrees, and the next hour it’s spitting sleet. I’m not at all exaggerating! 653 more words

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #3

Chaos & Calm

The silent lighthouse
Riotous undercurrents
Only the night sees

(Written with the help of Alex De Sousa)

Weekly Trail

What's so special about Kulab?

Well, nothing really. Apart from it currently being one of the featured storms on Cyclone Center. You can read more about what makes Kulab particularly not that exciting in… 24 more words

Citizen Science


Reading Acts 27 today.   What a lesson!

Paul, on his way to Rome to appeal to Caesar on trumped up capital offense charges from his Jewish brothers, is aboard a Roman transport ship, the second one since leaving Caesarea,  accompanied by the Centurion Julius,  more prisoners and soldiers, the ship’s owner, pilot and crew; two hundred, seventy-six in all. 744 more words