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My Diary

Dressed only in the flag of a country that hasn’t come into existence yet I walked out into the Minotaur street – all the other protagonists in the drama could move in any direction but I had to follow an L shaped pattern. 99 more words


Winter's Station.

I’m here again.

The decisive choice that changes everything. Thanks to my ability I am able to experience life to it’s fullest. Never missing a moment. 781 more words


She comes to the rescue!

Now, they needed a 4th member and that too not to just fill the group but to help them progressively.

There was this girl called Anna. 65 more words


recovering from war

The panic happens all too frequently. I’ve lived with it my whole life, the root of it going all the way back to when I was a very small child. 409 more words


What Happens Next: Frankenstein Finds Elizabeth

This daemon! His wickedness, his wretchedness has taken my Elizabeth, my love, my wife, my dear. Her pale and distorted features, her hanging hair, her lolling bloodless arm. 211 more words


Royce #1

I almost wasn’t born. Almost. My parents thought that they were having twins. The doctors did too. But the piercing pain and increasing contractions begged to differ. 337 more words


Another #MicroPoem Exchange: #Moon and #Mist

Jenny ‏@gennepher

only the moon /
freed from the sky /
shone /
this touch /
of light

John D W Macdonald ‏@johndwm 17s
8 more words