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My Diary

I started the day by removing a working steam engine from our gem encrusted picnic hamper – the engine arrived yesterday and the tracks pushed through the bedroom window like Achilles’s spear the day before. 98 more words


Must Read; A Girl Was Very Proud of.....

A girl was very proud of her boy friend, she always tell her friends how good her boy friend is.
On the day of her birthday, she invited all her friends including her boy friend who happends to be the special guest of honour. 212 more words


When it rains, it rains Human Blood - LashedPants

The reason I keep coming back to this title is pretty simple, it was the first major event that befell the poor fortress of LashedPants. Urist McRiddill and his merry band of 6 dwarfs had made the long journey from their homeland to the island of goblins. 1,074 more words

Dwarf Fortress

The Barbecue

There once lived three dads. Each living in a separate home. They all children of their own and loved to play with one another. One day, one of the dads named Robert called his two friends Jacob and Dustin to come over to his house for a barbecue. 688 more words


A trip to the pharmacy

I walk into the drug store feeling a little congested. I need Claritin, the D kind, the one that decongests. There are laminated Claritin D Cards on the shelves with the other allergy stuff, the stuff that doesn’t work that’s in its boxes on the shelves that you can just pick up without any fuss and bring to a cashier, pay the kid, and be on your way. 834 more words



    Until I reached high school, I never could understand why people would talk it up so much. Like it wasn’t just school, it was “ 507 more words