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Candy Bar Love

She saw the ashen face
smokeless hand in the air
as they, confirmed Catholics,
filed like ducks from the church

He must have come late… 54 more words


The Journey to Writing: Excerpt

The Dream

The clang of swords slammed against each other and sounded through her ears. The armor weighted her down as she trudged through the mud, fighting toward the top of the hill. 453 more words

My Diary

I had to make an unplanned trip to the fungal growth town to get a tube of lipstick for a many mouthed monster who had pushed its face through our living room wall – knocking off a number of photographs of me as a child with a scale model of the Graf Spee emerging from my navel in the process. 79 more words



Gentle summer day in South Minneapolis
with air silk on bare arms

Adirondack chairs pull in shade-hungry mowers
with arms like warm cradles

Streets swish in calm progress seasoned with the pop… 22 more words


The stares

    The first couple weeks of high school, I woke up a little earlier, spent a few extra minutes looking in the mirror to make sure everything looked in order, tried on a few more outfits before walking out the door, and finally was started to figure out who I was. 914 more words


Cheapening the Story

Over the weekend I went to see the new Hercules movie. I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t seen any trailers or promotion, and the only thing I knew coming in was that Dwayne Johnson played the hero. 506 more words

Dwayne Johnson

[Alter Ego : Vannie] One Direction Effect

| You don’t know you’re beautiful |

| Ficlet | Vannie | Fluff, Love, Romance |


Pesta ulang tahun sudah dimulai sejak satu jam lalu, dan ini membosankan bagi Vannie. 431 more words