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My Diary

I woke in a bag among very large apples and over ripe bananas – I counted fifteen fruit flies but they only counted fourteen of me. 84 more words


Project Falsehood

I’m setting aside all work on FEaR because I simply cannot concentrate on it. Instead, I’m working on a short story to get my creative juices flowing. 32 more words



At this point I felt like I had no control of my body.
I turned around faster than I have ever in my life and slapped her. 188 more words

Dawson Filter As He Relates To Beige

The last word you read was read was “was”. The last word you will ever read is “moist”; assuming (probably unreasonably) that you are the lanky, eye-patched, woman who trottedĀ out of The Illuminati For The Blind headquarters in the year 2040; in an event regarded by the majority of historians as the moment when tenses jumped the shark. 561 more words

Micah Kipfer

My Diary

The little man who lives in the space between the walls was causing concern and I went to a fairy wood to get green crayons and a sheet of invisible paper. 85 more words


Some Sweet - Farmer's Rain

She sat in the old rocking chair, a cup of tea warming her fingers against the slight morning chill. The dog lay at her side, both of them content to spend a few moments in quiet now that the rush of morning was done. 330 more words



I stood up immediately.
“What do you all know about me? I don’t even know your name and you knew I was a surgeon!” I said feeling defensive and afraid. 203 more words