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Jonah: The Reverse Story Arc

Last time I wrote about camel humps, aka story arcs. In my spiritual life, I have been into the Book of Jonah lately. And boy, it has a funky story arc! 479 more words


Wuv, True Wuv: Writing a Plausible Romantic Storyline

How do you write a plausible romantic storyline? This is the question I’ve been chewing on the last few weeks. My protagonist has met the man she’s destined for, who is of course, from across enemy lines (I can’t make it too easy for them, after all). 776 more words


Why Orphans Are So Important in Stories

From Charles Dickens to countless modern works, including some of my own stories, orphans are among the most common characters in fiction. I find this especially true in fantasy – so much so that The Orphan might have its own place among the pantheon of other iconic fantasy figures such as The Soldier, The Peasant, The King. 552 more words


Just One Thing: Story Arc

I have a tendency to get stuck in time.  It was true when I was single; it has been true of my days as a parent; it is true when my back flares up or when I am sick.  625 more words


Whilst considering how best to advertise my cereal and mascot, I decided that I will need to give an impression to children that it will not only be good for you, but improve your life in some way. 183 more words

Cereal Assignment

NaNoWriMo: 11/17 Getting to "The End"

“The goal here is to have your 49,999th word be ‘The’ and your 50,000th word be ‘End.’ ” (pg. 134)

“Now is a perfect moment for you to put word count issues aside, size up your story, and figure out how close you are to The End. 299 more words


Episode 24 - "I'm Not a Terrorist, I'm Katsura"

On this episode of Life Lessons, Colton and Jon are back from Texas to not only pointlessly cover old Top 10 lists, but also cover Chapters 29 thru 31 of the manga. 136 more words