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January 18 Meeting Story Arc

We had a great meeting in January. As you may have seen on the Facebook page, an Artic Wolf visited us. What a beautiful creature and positive way to start out our meeting. 120 more words


Business Wire Shares 5 Ways to Work with Reporters to Tell Your Story

By Whitney Cowit, Business Wire Chicago

1.  Invite the media into your “inner circle”

Reporters want broader access to both the C-Suite and employees on-the-ground. Invite the media to your facilities and… 357 more words

Business Wire

Casandra " tracy deargo"

Episode five “tracy deargo”
Previously on casandra
While earth was beginning to brench  out beyond earth, a new bread of humans vampires overthrow the earth government and enslaved humanity. 377 more words

Star Trek Cassandra

Star trek preservation 4.1

Previously on star trek
Historiens have found a paturn in history of the galaxy.an unknown race seams to have intervened in several races including earth. Historiens refer to these people as the preservers. 218 more words

Star Trek

M. B. Weston's Writing Diary: Plot Structure to the Rescue! 01/23/15

In case you were wondering, typing on the floor of a bathroom in a hotel room is tedious work. I highly recommend sitting on the bathmat because cold tile will suck your body heat out of you. 618 more words


Dream eater part 7

“Dear diery,we have entered into an uneasy allience with grotek and his people. I have put megan and thorlan in charge of the investigation. So far the crew still awake have not slept in six hours . 1,036 more words

Star Trek Cassandra

Watching Netflix Made Me a Better Writer (and I bet I’m not the only one!)

It was around this time in 2014 that I first signed up for Netflix.

It’s hard to believe I’ve only been watching Netflix for a year, unless you happen to know me well. 877 more words