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Read All About Baby Shower #2

Other than the popcorn bar that I had for shower #1, the only other theme I wanted for a shower was books.

I love books, and I hope that George has a tenacity for diving into stories as well. 201 more words


Oh, hi!

This neglect. . . of cobwebs and crickets, no? I don’t even know why it has taken me so long to post something. I really have no excuse or explanation. 456 more words

Story Book Photo Shoot with Alisha Marie

Story Book Photo Shoot with Alisha Marie as Wendy from Peter Pan.

Corbin Elliott Photography, portrait photographer Denver


The Berenstain Bears


昨天買給MM豬的3本英文故事書。除了 Trim the Tree 的字較少之外,其餘兩本都好多字!尤其 Too much Car Trip! 買的時候我問過他,這本很多字啊!你看不看的呀?他好實在的回答我“看啊!”反而是我自己覺得有點難度…畢竟說故事的人是我… 看這本 Come Clean for School,雖然字有點多,但兒子全本都聽得入神,沒分過心。可能與他之前看過同類型的書 (也是講述spreading germs的) 不無關係吧?

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Ontology Example from a Child's Storybook

Entry 2:           April 15, 2012

Topic:              Ontology Example from a child’s story book

Inspiration:     Book: Starry Night / Article

Citation:                  Wynne-Jones, Tim (2000). Stormy Night: Picture Book for Children, Ontologial Inguiry. 270 more words


Sneaky Snail Sneak Peak

Here’s one of the really cute pictures from Emma’s Kitty Cat Book.  (of course you can personalize it with any name)

check ‘em out:  http://www.sneakysnailstories.com

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Today's Tidbit

Here’s a little bit from one of my Sneaky Snail Stories:

“Daddy loves Emma, That you’ll see…
More than a birdie sitting in a tree… 24 more words

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