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The Three Little Pigs Lah by Casey Chen

I’m back after my national service! Today I would like write a review on “The Three Little Pigs Lah“, self published and supported by… 311 more words

Story Book

'Survive' Chapter 3: Phobia

Their bloody-faced neighbour was still tied up in the lounge, and the scenes of wanton violence were still flashing across the T.V screen. There were hundreds, no, thousands of zombies right outside in the city and he had no means of escaping them. 2,587 more words

Salman Shahid Khan

'Survive' Chapter 2: Excited Delirium

Irij had never thought about what kind of reaction he would have to the dead body of a child being cradled and eaten by his father. 2,040 more words

Salman Shahid Khan

'Survive' Chapter 1: Sirens

“It’s killing me! It is killing me! Kerb! Save me already!” Irij shouted, as loud as his voice would allow him to.

“Hold a while. Let me heal myself”, replied Kerb barely able to hide his amusement. 2,350 more words

Salman Shahid Khan

Everyday Creativity: Hand-drawn Story and Colouring Book

Ok, so there is simply no way I can pass this off as a fashion illustration…


The Blue Boy

The Blue Boy is a children’s book I made as the final body of work for my study in MA at Arts University Bournemouth. It is a story about a boy who looks and feels different, and his journey where he learns to accept himself as who he is. 26 more words


Create and illustrate your own story book.

I have been missing in action due to the fact that Joe, my husband, has had surgery on his left hand and wrist due to Carpul Tunnel Syndrome.  684 more words