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C words

C is for Crêpes
Co-opted by Cheese
Coated with pesto
and walnuts to please
a Crisp little Cameo
of greens on the side
delectable vegetables… 26 more words


Story Challenge of the Week

Sometimes books can kick your tail. You read and reread and you still feel like you’re only understanding a part of what the author is trying to say. 159 more words

Writing Challenge

Philosophical Story Challenge

So this blog called “The Art of Writing” sets these challenges and I am going to attempt this challenge today:

“So for your challenge this week I want you to write a story where there is some form of conflict and both sides ultimately want the same thing, but due to fear and hatred or discrimination it cannot be attained.”

268 more words

B words

B is for Berries
Beautiful treat
gorgeous to ogle
luscious to eat
Blackberry, Blueberry
raspberry red
Blended with mangoes
key lime for a Bed
Bring Bounteous seconds… 21 more words


Story Challenge of the Week

Well, I’m driving back to Wake Forest today. Yay for travelling! Okay… honestly, I don’t expect any of you to be particularly concerned with my travel itinerary, I just didn’t know how else to begin today’s post. 252 more words

Writing Challenge

A words

A is for Anarchy
soft and sweet
slipping into your dreams
on gold slippered feet
wrapped in pink satin
with bows in her hair
Any logic Abducted… 28 more words


Martha : Friday Fictioneers 100 word story challenge

Martha stared up at the sky with hungry eyes. She had never in all her eighty three years seen a drought so bad.

Dark clouds started to roll in and cover the painfully bright sky. 73 more words

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