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wannabe assurance

On the day of his scheduled deportation they took a walk among the flat food crops and discussed his work on cataloging all of the possible nominative cases, which he would now have to abandon.

Story Ideas

Alien Food (No, Not What My Spouse Calls My Cooking.)

by S.A. Spencer

I love world building, and part of the fun is figuring out what kind of food a strange being on another planet might eat. 400 more words

Writing A Novel

strangely empty

A contest for the thickest nut milk resulted in the unexpected exhaustion of the nut-bearing tree. A nearby king thinks he can exploit this and sends a spy with a load of the now-vanished nuts.

Story Ideas

Ella: No Salt, No Sharks, No Worries: Part II

I really have to finish this novel this year. Then maybe I can write our vacation off on our taxes as a research trip. Do you think the IRS will believe it’s necessary to rent a pontoon boat for a day trip out onto Glen Lake to flesh out my protagonist’s backstory? 60 more words

The Writing Life

Moving up. Moving out. Moving on.

Life changes all the time. We can change with it—or get stuck.

In our real worlds, getting stuck can be messy, frustrating, depressing. In our fictional worlds, getting stuck is awesome. 308 more words


Story Ideas #1

  1. Ferguson Riots
  2. TRXYE by Troye Sivan
  3. VMA’S
  4. ALS Ice bucket Challenge
  5. Iphone 6 – September 19th
Story Ideas

unknowing particpant

How could we know when we arrived that what they were doing with us was a sex act. All of their breeders have retreated. No new generation will be born unless we do something.

Story Ideas