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floe shear

Were these terrorist appeasements dressed up as ultralight sabotage, or the reverse? It was impossible to tell, but his bosses were expecting a definitive report.

Story Ideas

What If ...?

by S.A. Spencer

What if…? A great question to use to craft your premise — what your book is about.

In Steve Alcorn’s book, How to Fix Your Novel… 300 more words

Writing A Novel

3rd Sunday after Epiphany, 2015

This was a Sunday were I was an usher at church this morning. It isn’t hard work but it is enjoyable. What is hard work is trying to do the exercises my Spiritual Director, Sister Pascalese, wants me to do. 941 more words


Toilets and Justice

I just love stories that link absctract concepts such as human rights and freedom with concrete, real-life problems.

A report on access to basic sanitation highlighted by the Open Society Foundations showed how the lack of functioning toilets and other basic sanitation facilities, results in poor health and unsafe living conditions… 186 more words


pleroma preview

In their prestorm cuddling, they marveled each other that the gale was to the breeze as God’s full power was to anything they could comprehend.

Story Ideas

Story Prompts

  1. What sort of weird things did you notice as a child? Did spoons and knives have personalities? Think about those weird things. They could make for a great story.
  2. 175 more words
Writing Tips


He grew furious because my interest in our latest business, a yarn shop, was interfering with the bankruptcy fraud which he had by now almost perfected. 20 more words

Story Ideas