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fly over

They were a family of aviators, going back to the days of biplanes. The two sons of the latest generation did not see a future in the ever cost-cutting consumer aviation, so started a charter business. 46 more words

Story Ideas

Getting Going Again

By:  Keith M.

It’s no secret that my WIP sorta stalled out for a while.  Most recently, I mentioned it here.

Well, all that has changed.   782 more words

Writing A Novel


He could row only slowly, because of the ossification, and it was only getting worse. The newly dead crowded the shore, and soon a helper would be found, who would replace him once he turned completely to stone. 42 more words

Story Ideas

How to Start a Piece of Fiction

Where do stories come from? Are they born from birds with eagles’ beaks and tails of fire? Do they originate from springs with waters so crisp and clear you’d stop aging if you drank from them? 507 more words


rescue build

One day something that looked and soudned like a small child appeared suspended in the air. The young boy called for help. There was nothing in he could hold on to, but he was held in place. 38 more words

Story Ideas

An Alien Sex Scene

by S.A. Spencer

Since I’ve never written a human sex scene, writing an alien one first might be good practice. Who besides me knows how they should react? 266 more words

Writing A Novel

No Crying in Crime

Writing about bad people and the crimes they commit is fun. You can send a protagonist on a car chase headed toward a cliff. A snooping tenant can dig up a backyard looking for treasure, aka a body. 269 more words

Julie Hart