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Ella: It's Not Just Me

**Hardly any SPOILERS at all for Gone Girl, both the movie and the book. But I’m going to talk about both, and people get worked up about that stuff, so you’ve been warned. 506 more words


haunted ring

A breakdown in the afterlife transport results in an excess of ghosts. Ghosts run out of living people to haunt and begin haunting other ghosts. One paranormal researcher realizes this and diagrams out as many hauntings as he can find out about as a directed graph. 9 more words

Story Ideas

This Blog

Hey ladies and gentlemen. This blog consist of me posting story ideas and prompts for everyone. Hopefully this blog will help you with writer’s block or inspire you to begin a story.


Sittin' On The Porch With Kelly - Author Jenifer Ruff - What I've Learned Along My Publishing Journey #amwriting

Today I’d like to share a glass of tea with Jenifer Ruff, published author with World Castle Publishing. We are chatting about what she’s learned along her publishing journey. 847 more words



Everyone who came into contact with the strangely colored tide developed keloids that were treated with shots of cortisone, which quickly ran low. Someone found out when the next shipment was due and intercepted the ship before it reached the harbor.

Story Ideas

pointed out

Every time the woman came into town a mountain cat walked beside her. The new law officer decided he had to enforce the leash law, after a complaint from a new mother.

Story Ideas

Rewriting a novel, NaNoWriMo, and other things

It’s ridiculous rewriting this novel.  Since I was sick when I wrote it, so much of it makes no sense.  I’ve deleted pages of it and wrote new stuff.  885 more words