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Ebbs and flows in writing output

You’ll have noticed the clever name of my blog site. “Writer’s Blog”. It’s a pun you see, a play on words. Writer’s Blog = Writer’s Block. 335 more words


house of correction

The prisoners carried pannier-like twin baskets like backpacks back and forth. He heard an ostinato in the jostling. He scratched a notation for it on his plate. 95 more words

Story Ideas

Short Story: "Please ... Obey Me" (V.3)

Content note: some kinkphobic attitudes early on.

The first two stories from the prompt “Please … Obey Me” (Version 1 and Version 2) involved dynamics with an established power exchange or kink in place, in which in one way or another the request “please obey me” subverted the established order. 1,516 more words

Communication Skills

poured from the mold

The internal report that his department had issued had leaked out and gone viral. It was much critcized for its pseudotraditional style, and his name in particular was attached to it. 59 more words

Story Ideas


He was developing a mathematical model of how different herd animals would interact in the same field, based on abstracting them to particles which have certain forces attracting and repelling them from each other. 84 more words

Story Ideas

"The Heart In A Box"

Cristina Yang: “It’s a friggin’ miracle, okay? You’re standing before a miracle and once you realize that, she’ll change your perspective. Okay, here’s what I do. 784 more words



It was about the size of a swan. I don’t think it could fly, since what I thought were feathers from some distance away turned out to be a swarm of cricket-like insects that almost completely covered its body. 125 more words

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