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inciteful music

After the bride torpedoed the investigation, a song from a previously unknown artist that basically called her out on it became a perennial hit.

Story Ideas

shared flow

When she discovered that there was not enough brilliantine in stock to supply the inter-university hibernation activities, she had to improvise an alternative from the underdrains below the quad.

Story Ideas

TV sitcom treatment

I haven’t written anything for quite sometime. Not making excuses (like I would in the past) but we’ve had a few personal issues that have had to take priority.   1,455 more words

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breathe into

Our world was water, our cities were all within the sea. On the sea floor, the 9000 worked the mines and put into the water the minerals that fed our floating crops. 27 more words

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He had nothing to tie the waist of his trousers. He was tired. He had a thin grasp on them when he saw the tank drive up. 10 more words

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Story ideas

Good morning! Here are this week’s story ideas:

  • Why is OK for the ROTC students to carry guns at special events on campus? I think students would appreciate an overview of the gun laws that apply to the university, and the exceptions.
  • 150 more words
Story Ideas

Monday Writing Prompt-Travel Pals

For those in the US it’s the week of Thanksgiving which they say is one of the busiest for travel. For this writing prompt your character is traveling by plane, train or even a bus and has a very interesting person seated next to them. 17 more words