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How to Avoid Writersblock

5 Ways To Find New Story Ideas

One of the questions authors are asked most often is how they get their ideas. Unfortunately, there isn’t a secret idea speakeasy where you can buy them in bulk (or if there is, no one has ever given me the password). 51 more words


NaNoWriMo: Decisions

For the past two years I participated in the NaNoWriMo. So far I managed to see it through to the end of the month and reach the 50,000 words needed. 396 more words

Cecile's Writers

described in great detail

The revolution was bogged down in court for several years, almost a decade and a half. Most people had forgotten about it but as the final verdict approached it hit the news again. 22 more words

Story Ideas

Beautiful Books NaNoWriMo Linkup

Hey guys! Today I’m gonna do something a little different. A blogger I follow just did a blog linkup called Beautiful Books. So I went on the website, and it looks awesome, so I decided to try it! 857 more words


Head Full of ideas!

Since I began working my way through the BRB associated to the A215 module there seems to be a constant flow of story ideas filling my head. 618 more words

Creative Writing

Writing Prompt: The Paintings

Patrons in a museum are suddenly cast into the paintings. Where do they go? What happens?

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pasture bound

Small monkeys bred to herd pasture animals. They bond to one particular ungulate (or, rarely, two), grooming, warning, and directing it as a partner. The pair of them is slaughtered together and the monkey pelts sold with the grazer’s meat.

Story Ideas