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Scenes are a fundamental story unit, essential to advancing the plot. Each scene is its own entity, not containing any others and existing as part of a sequence with one predecessor and one successor. 420 more words

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Mini Me Project story outline

My Mini Me project will start off be me falling asleep on a park bench and when I wake up I’ll be in a dimly lit room.  68 more words

Mini Me

#1WkNoTech story outline


6 a.m. I wake up, apprehensive but excited to begin my week without technology.

9 a.m. It feels good to get away, but I find myself still reaching for my phone and laptop. 307 more words

Kyle Farris

Outline and Structure for Your Novel

This week’s tip to win National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November is about outlining and structure. Since this challenge has an underlying goal of writing as fast as you can in thirty days, it will be very helpful if you know vaguely where you’re going. 332 more words

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Personal narrative: story outline


8 a.m. MR. LANGSTON feeds CAT and BARTHOLOMEW, has a bowl of cereal then goes off to work.

9:05 a.m. Relieved that MR. LANGSTON is finally gone after what felt like a never-ending weekend, CAT checks the online art forums where he frequently can be found discussing paintings with other art aficionados/aficionadas. 806 more words

Kyle Farris