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An accountant with 2 ears & 1 mouth please…

Salesmen used to get ribbed for trying to sell without listening and the old bulls would say you need 2 ears & 1 mouth… first LISTEN to what the client actually needs… 340 more words

Story Telling

A Dream-Come-True of Moving to the Countryside

Wanting someone else’s way of life, translated…

“I’d thought about it long and hard, I want a divorce, wanted to end everything for once and for all, move to Taidong, and live like you are right now”.   535 more words


Story and Essay

It fascinated me that around the time of Hitchen’s celebrated release of “God is not Great”, there were queues around blocks in major cities to buy the final Harry Potter novel. 67 more words


Finn and Phoebe Come Home

It was Thanksgiving here in Canada last weekend and Wiston went to share in the festivities with family and friends away from home.

But the dilemma arose about what to do with his beloved Finn and Phoebe while he was away. 176 more words

Nessus: Ship's Clerk

It had been a busy morning. I needed to make sure the cargo had all been accounted for and stowed away. It was my first voyage as the Ships Clerk and I was going to prove myself. 1,106 more words

Biblical Storytelling

One-Sided Story-Telling

Story-telling is a major part of the human experience, partly because it seems to puts our lives into perspective. A major theme that seems to be embedded within community psychology is helping people tell their own stories. 635 more words

10 obvious things I had to learn for myself writing my novel

I have written scholarly books in a previous life, so I have omitted the stuff I knew; for example, writing is hard work ; there is no other way to start than to write one word and then another and then a sentence and a paragraph etc; if it is boring and unclear to you, well, it will be to everyone else and it is amazing what the human mind can conjure up to avoid sitting in front of the blank page and creating a masterpiece. 192 more words