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She won’t smile. She sits there behind the bars while her mother sits facing her with a baby in her lap. Neither face shows emotion. The baby stares all around, momentarily pausing whenever his eyes meet Bulbul’s. 1,931 more words


getting broke on time

i’m spending too much time procrastinating and just not doing anything useful apart from staring blankly at my computer screen and waiting for meals or school. 142 more words


DC #1: Social Media

In reading the triple-aspects of social media flipped lecture, there are a number of important points raised that I have taken on board, many of which I intend to use and build on for my social media strategy for my Digital Story. 408 more words


Creating Happiness

WOO HOO! Finally started writing a blog/blogs.

This is a simple expression of happiness, and today I am happy to share an extract from the book I am currently reading(THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING BY NORMAN VINCENT PEALE). 799 more words


NaNo Prep Day 2 - End of Day

Early….very early yesterday morning at around 3:30, I woke up and tried to go back to sleep. I had these ideas for my NaNo story playing in my head. 405 more words


Climax - more Individual, I'm Sneaking up on the Climax creativity and Plots, Entertainment and Excitement

20 October 2014, this blog is about writing in scenes.  I’m focusing on the tools to build scenes.  I’ll leave up the parts of a novel because I think this is an important picture for any novelist.  465 more words

The Life But Not As You Know It

Delilah Grace was living the life. She had a perfect boyfriend, she had perfect friends, she had a perfect life all around. Until her life crumbled slowly around her after her “perfect” boyfriend dumped her. 64 more words