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What happened when my smartphone went missing???

“Shit…already it’s 12, I have to be in Nasik by 6, how much time will it take to reach Nasik Govindbahi?” I asked as I stuffed luggage in the taxi… 981 more words


Kindly Read The Touching story Culled form Punch

After the tripod was set, the photographer checked the angles to ensure the ‘balance’ was good. She then felt the buttons on the camera. 1,473 more words


My True L♡ve Story

   मैम  को  मैम  ही  रहने  दो ।

Hi  Friends,
      आज  मै  आप  सभी  के  साथ  अपनी  school  time  की  एक  सच्ची  प्यार   की कहानी  share  कर  रहा  हूँ ।  school  Time  में  यह  लगभग  सभी  students  के  साथ  होता  है  कि  वो  अपने   Male  या  Female   Teacher   से    प्यार  करने  लगतें  हैं ।  यही  मेरे  साथ  भी  हुआ । आइये  तो  पढते  हैं  कहानी _ _ _ _… 79 more words

A Request

Level On Problem

We keep saying that our problem is nothing compare to them just to make us stronger and be able to stand against those hurricanes, but I always feel even though I keep saying those words to myself, this problem that I had is just way too much that I can’t even handle it. 105 more words


Samsung uses 74 devices to tell a holiday story

Christmas is just days away, so it makes sense for major device manufacturers to put marketing in full gear in an attempt to get more shoppers to buy their devices as gifts for loved ones. 158 more words

Tribute To My Best Friend

There is a man in my life that is my best friend.
Because of him, I know what love is.
Him and I have never been romantic or sexual. 1,618 more words

My Life

Ban nhạc mèo - Noel 2014

Nhân dịp Noel 2014, anh đã mua tặng em nguyên 1 ban nhạc mèo 5 con rất dễ thương ^^.

Em rất thích món quà này, vì nó “cute”, và cũng vì anh thấy em “like” trên Facebook nên anh mua. 85 more words