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thirteen word story #1.

I write thirteen word stories because beyond the superstition, I have such a bad experience with that number. And these aren’t happy stories, so yeah, first installment. 17 more words

Myth of the cloud tide

Drifting among the great mountains was a pervasive cloud structure, billowy and flowing as the sea.  It could only be seen from the towers of goldenrod-coloured brick that rose above the cumuli, which soon disappeared – quite often – into another draft of cloudstream. 242 more words


Day 2: Ropes of the Past

There is no place like home. Tabu knew that saying better than anyone else. She felt the meaning deeply and it stung her every time. If only… If only she hadn’t listened to those busy body so called friends of hers then maybe, her home would still be… No, she snaps herself out of the delusion. 366 more words



Did you think I wouldn’t notice?

The way your eyes would slowly shut because the drugs were keeping you from staying awake.

Did you think I would forget? 81 more words



Smith scouts out the park
Meeting is on the red bench
Too many ways in


How Apple Came to Be...

Steve Jobs pulled out of Reed College after 1 semester to travel in 1972. After returning to his California home, he became interested in the concept of a personal computer. 492 more words


How can we like?

He turned to me and asked what I liked. And I wondered.

What did I like? Trivial things sprang to mind, of course: the grain in old wood, fountain pens, turquoise. 105 more words