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This isn’t a PSA, but about your drinking…

… it’s something to think about. But seriously, it is.

 Caerphilly Castle, Caerphilly, Wales. Summer 2013.

The thing about drinking (pretty much all the time, but especially if you are traveling and doubly so if you are on a budget), is that it can really throw a wrench into your plans if you aren’t thinking about it. 1,729 more words

Ahir zaman.*

Okay, so remember how the world was most definitely going to end in 2012? We had Harold Camping, who convinced a sizable number of individuals to sell all their assets and hightail out of town because the Rapture was going to marshall in the End of Days. 718 more words

Though None Go With Me

Every so often, in going through piles of papers or forgotten computer files, I discover something that I had completely forgotten I wrote.  Sometimes this can be a rather disturbing experience–especially when I recognize my handwriting but haven’t the slightest memory of writing the story.   2,257 more words


My worst experience out clubbing and the homeless woman who saved me.

Late one friday night or should I say early morning my at the time best friend and I were speed walking down a cobblestoned alleyway, hurrying towards the main road where we would catch the late night bus home. 1,315 more words

Our start up story...

The Bright Story takes us back to August 2006, to a rainy and moody London.

Armed with a laptop and a fancy notebook, Nadine was about to take an initial swan dive into the world of self-employment. 316 more words

General Business

An Incident in El Noor Excerpt Part One

Here it is, folks, the first of three parts of Wodin Whatthehel’s heroic deeds during the El Noor Incident!

This is a segment of An Incident in El Noor… 770 more words