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The Great Escape

I sat and I watched on a sullied park bench as a plastic bag set fourth to make its great escape from a rubbish bin. The birds in the trees chattered away like children and the surrounding traffic noise rose up like the unconcerned rumblings from parents in the background. 133 more words


Not Your Usual Bus Ride: Stories on Sudanese Public Transportation

I have to say, two months later and I still can’t get over my trip to Sudan.
To be honest, initially I was disappointed, because I thought I was going to have a revelation, light-from-heaven, epiphany kind of experience. 1,388 more words


Encountering landscape

Experiencing landscape is a full on sensory activity, engaging everything you’ve got that you can work with. For me, it’s all about walking, but anything that allows you to be present and slow enough to see things should also work. 539 more words


Emotional Weather Report

Been up and down, mostly down, for about a year now. Sometimes feel like I’m at breaking point, but there’s been so many it’s become routine. 295 more words

God's Beauty Shines Through by Chris Reed

satan will bring fear where God wants to bring power.  satan will bring shame where God wants to bring redemption.   satan will have you pull away at the very place God will have you draw close.  316 more words


Short Story About a Girl

You smiled at me when I walked in the room. I loved that. I’m not sure if you know it, but you have beautiful eyes. I want to keep looking at them, lose my gaze, and memorize them. 508 more words

Life In General

32,000 friends

This is a brutal self-portrait of my mom and I, with 32000 of our closest friends.  We rode the New York 5 Boro tour, which has 32,000 people ride through all 5 boros of New York City in a day.   41 more words

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