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Last lessons feedback

Last lesson, after coming close to finishing storyboarding, we decided to ask our teacher for feedback and he suggested a new way to set out our storyboard, suggesting that the montages of flashing images should appear when the doctor is making his journey to the twins house, he gave us specific moments at which the montage flashes would fit. 62 more words


Ah, le weekend

So I’ve been keeping rather busy with life this week. Had a few setback due to neck problems, but a few Ibuprofen and nights sleeping flat on my back seems to have done the temporary trick. 126 more words


Cereal Commercial Storyboard

I was originally tasked with creating a digital storyboard for a hypothetical children’s cereal commercial, featuring original character designs.

I first researched into pre-existing commercials for cereals as well as the mascots used for them so that I could identify the most successful elements commonly featured within these, and make note of the design traits which best appeal to the target audience. 259 more words

Portfolio Briefs


We began our storyboard in class and this will later contribute to the making of our animatics. In the process of making our storyboard we have begun to think more about how camera angles and movement will contribute to creating the atmosphere we want to achieve and support the horror genre. 49 more words


Final Cut Pro ! CAP 105

After creating my storyboard for my short video I get to begin editing my clip in Final Cut! I am so excited because I have never used this program before and I really want to learn how to edit videos. 317 more words

CAP 105 Story board

This week in class we got out first assignment, besides these wonderful blogs. We have to make a video roughly two minutes and edit it through Final Cut Pro. 240 more words

22nd January 2015

I have quite a few things for this update! Namely my final show reels of the work I’ve done for the first semester.

First up is my 2D Showreel! 471 more words

Animation And Visual Effects