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What does good writing look like?

Writing doesn’t just have to sound good, it has to look good. There is a definite shape to writing that’s painted through sentences, paragraphs and chapters. 474 more words

Mid-Novel Malaise (Also: Let's Talk About Storyboarding)

I recently hit the 300-page mark on the post-apocalyptic, sci-fi novel I’m working on (basic premise here) and everything is awful.

The biggest problem I am currently having is that I wrote Part One in a feverish, fast-paced haze because it was my thesis. 398 more words

Visual aids

If you like to think in images — rather than outlines — or if you’re working on a play or a film, storyboarding might be a technique worth investigating. 41 more words




The final project for my pre production class was to create a storyboard and concept art for an original story. Mine was called Splash, the story of a young elephant who is afraid to swim until he meets friendly mermaid. 37 more words

Digital Art