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Concept: Instagram Fiction -- Black Romance

I’ve been working on a couple projects, which both revolve around screenwriting and how it can be adapted into other formats for online mediums. Here’s the concept proposal to the first. 1,145 more words

Choose to Settle for More

You know that feeling you get when you have a great idea?  When you have been working on something and all of a sudden, you begin to brainstorm and you feel your heart race and your excitement build because maybe, just maybe your idea is something that’s really possible? 530 more words

31 Days To Stay Motivated!

Week 9: Storyboarding and 3-Syllable Words

This week’s group assignment was a touch more complex than usual. We were supposed to compile a list of 3-syllable adjectives. Then, we would take the first syllable of one adjective, the second of a second, and the third syllable of a third adjective, and combine them to make a new word. 590 more words

Class Assignments


We then shortlisted our favourite and strongest concepts, creating a rough storyboard for each…

1. Superhuman making scratch worse…

  • Scratches car by accident when passing by: possibly trips and falls…
  • 442 more words
Creative Strategies

Comic Tests Done. What's next?

We’ve finished up our animation tests with pages from our comic,  HorseCop: Volume 2. They were rough, but we feel they were a point in the right direction.  462 more words


A new brief

So our 15 second animation project has been put on hold while we tackle a new task. A VFX company wants us to storyboard narratives that would allow them to teach students how to photo-realistically augment live action with CGI assets. 164 more words

Creative Strategies

Short Film Animatic

This is my animatic for my short film. There are a few things that aren’t exactly clear e.g. angles of shots and scenery around the characters, but it gives you a good enough gist of what happens in the short.