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Oh yes

My brother is coming up to the U S for a visit, oooohhhh yes, have not seen him sine 1992. Its time.


Steller: Unlock Your Inner Storyteller

Social networking is a huge market these days and, though sometimes it seems to be saturated, the world is never going to turn down an amazing new way to connect.  358 more words


Good Marning me Neighbours

Like we say on the island Wah Gwan, its time to wake up, get to the beach, and get into the little fishing boat and row out towards the blue sky. 54 more words


24th Installment of La Diablesse


I woke up the next morning feeling like I had slept on a concrete floor, I forced meself out of bed and went into the bathroom, today I get to see Jane and I smiled and did a little dance as I walked through the bathroom door. 1,932 more words


Date or Red Flag

Attempting to date for me was like collecting an assortment of crazies. Here it is 2013 and I am still a magnet for them. It was about eleven at night when I got a message on Facebook. 646 more words


A Desert called a Turnover

Oh I can go for a slice right now. Mommy Charles made the best of course.


Customer Service

Waiting for the beep, waiting for the beep

Beep, everybody wants something for nothing

Everybody wants everything or nothing

The impossible should be possible

The right here, right now generation… 74 more words