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Storyteller: Van Roberts

A Storytelling of Ravens: The Best of Little Raven Publishing 2011 – 2014 is out now! We’re celebrating the writers from the book.

Van is a writer, editor and the director of Little Raven Publishing. 282 more words



Is a story really ever over?

Does it truly ever end?

I was thinking about this today, while doing some more work converting my novel-to-comic. I “finished” it awhile back, after re-re-re-rewriting it for the last (roughly) ten years. 274 more words

Blogging 101, Day Nineteen: Try a New Posting Style

It’s important to try new things so that we don’t become stagnant. Many people think of a blog as just walls of written text, but they can really be so much more. 274 more words

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

51th Installment of La Diablesse

Ian is in a fight for his life. Looks like he is well on his way to escape. But the evil La Diablesse is on his hells and she is bent on satisfying her misplaced vengeance. 30 more words


Unleash your inner poet – like my friend Chloe did

An old friend of mine came to visit Wordsworth House and Garden for work experience last week and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in one of our “unleash your inner poet” workshops led by my pal Dave Cryer, the storyteller. 488 more words

Lake District

One last talk

If I had a chance to speak with him again I would say “I miss you.”
…but I don’t think he would know the man I miss. 212 more words


Apa itu Komunitas?

Baru-baru ini gue menghadiri Young on Top National Conference atas undangan dari Ricky Setiawan. Salah satu Co-Founder dari YOT selain Billy Boen sendiri tentunya.

Kesan pertama waktu melihat, “wah gokil bgt, acara graduation aja sampe segini seriusnya”. 428 more words

Community Development