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USR Solo Dungeon

To round out my solo dungeon crawler using Unbelievably Simple Role-playing (USR), I needed a magic system and a random encounter table. For the first, I used a wacky idea that I developed: 145 more words


"Temporarily Insane" Theme for June 19th Hearth Event

Our next Hearth event will benefit Community Works in Medford, Oregon. The theme is “Temporarily Insane.” Ashland Co-op is a sponsor for our summer storytelling event will take place June 19th from 7 to 9pm at Temple Emek Shalom in Ashland, Oregon. 14 more words

It's the small things that make up some of the best stories [Bound Feet Blues]

We often think that stories need to be grand and on an epic scale to be compelling. We think that great stories involve heroic, larger than life characters. 453 more words


M is for Mr. Fox

High school girls are surprised to hear traditional stories that include sexual violence, yet it is important for a girl to consider how Lady Mary’s boldness–or one’s own!–can overcome depraved evil. 132 more words


Interview with Forest Schools Storyteller Daru Mcaleece

1) What inspired you to become a storyteller?

 My earliest inspiration was Fantasy Roleplay Gaming, where I created characters and acted them out through stories and campaigns  - when I look back I now see there was a dramatist and storyteller hiding inside me! 1,261 more words

(re)storying Nature

D&D World - Shadazar

I found this old nugget while looking through some old RPG stuff. This was a campaign world setting I created when I was a kid. It’s pretty detailed for the age I was, although lacking in originality. 96 more words


L is for La Llorona

Texas’ most famous ghost is La Llorona, the weeping woman. Oh, she’s said to lurk along waterways in the borderlands to California and deep into Mexico, too, but we know her true haunt is south Texas. 168 more words