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Shelley's Story (Zambia)

Sherry’s Life History

With a bright smile and hearty laugh, Sherry has been dubbed by her nephews and nieces as the Zambian Oprah Winfrey. She has endured and overcome many hardships in life, like many young Zambians. 803 more words


Merangkum Pakarena (1)

Tidak ada yang tahu kapan, di mana dan siapa pencipta Tari Pakarena hingga para pengamat serta seniman pelaku tarian ini “menyimpulkan” di Agustus 1980 lalu pada sebuah acara sarasehan di Makassar kalau Tari Pakarena sudah ada sejak jaman kejayaan kerajaan Makassar, bahkan, diprediksi sejak To Manurung sudah tidak lagi berada di tengah-tengah orang Makassar. 686 more words


Feel like change will never come?

“When I feel trapped and hopeless, it helps to remember beauty can creep in and transform even the most desperate.”    – Bárbara Herrnsdorf, 2014


Marta's Summer, part 1: Then Climb out of the Window!

For the longest time I actually didn’t do any sketches or any pre-studies for my drawings, most of the pictures shown in the My-Archives posts so far were drawn and inked from scratch on the spot. 521 more words


Morning Muse

I was told to challenge my writing by changing my perspective in some poetry and story-telling. The goal of this was attempting to write in a male perspective, to attempt a change of voice and tone, and to add variety to the work I have completed. 298 more words


S8P3: Episode XX

Episode XX: The Best Laid Plans…

After school the following afternoon, Raquel found her son in the living room playing a video game. She told him that she made a very important discovery and that she wanted to tell him about it. 511 more words

Custom Worlds


Find a song that expresses how you feel about a loved one and share that song with them.

We all have a story.  When we listen, and listen well enough to take our  words and turn them into art, and sing it back to those with whom we interact, something happens. 22 more words