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Comedian Charlie Partridge takes us to a primary school in Angel to share a story about a crowbar, Su Pollard and his first week in London.

Daybreak in Alabama: The Poem

When I get to be a composer

I’m gonna write me some music about

Daybreak in Alabama

And I’m gonna put the purtiest songs in it… 122 more words

Social Justice

Conflict in Storytelling

Everyone has something someone else wants. And everyone wants something someone else has. Thus conflict is created.
Developing conflict is essential to story-telling. Unique characters, exotic settings, vivid descriptions; no other tool of the writer is so valuable. 306 more words

Freshman B: what is a folk tale (and how is folklore different from mythology?)

After yesterday’s class on mythology, today we looked at folk tales.

First we looked at the following two quotes and journaled to the following question: 189 more words


Storytelling to understand the needs of ebola victims and war victims

When you think of storytelling, I’m guessing that your first thoughts are more about the emotional potency of stories to enrich our lives and expand our awareness, and less about about rigor. 1,283 more words


Mark Nix Fun Fact #598

My tongue is the unreliable narrator in the story of where food is stuck between my teeth.

The Babylonian Adventure - Dinner with the Queen - Part Two

Here is the next installment in my updated story of Esther…remember this is still in draft form.

Seattle  – Present Day

The doorbell rang at the cozy three-bedroom craftsman home of the Johnson family. 628 more words