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Does a Character’s Sex Inherently Matter to the Story?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion around the new all-female led Ghostbusters movie. One of the comments that I have seen from a few people is that they have a problem with switching the characters from male to female because it was not originally intended to be female characters. 861 more words


Annie's Downfall

My daughter once had a fat, farting, sullen Dalmatian named Annie who liked only two things in this world.  The kid across the street named Greg and anything with wheels:  riding mower, wagon, wheel barrow, cars…..We’d often look out and see Annie sitting on the seat of the riding mower.  276 more words


Cherished children’s books and stories

I love reading time with Piper.  On dreary days especially, we like to climb into bed with a few baskets filled with our favorite stories.  I thought I would share a few titles with you here, as I know some of you have children, while others still are childlike at heart. 1,414 more words

The Silver King Anthology Part 2

Like it says above.

Now a quick tutorial on how your world works and yes, I will be talking directly to you a good chunk of the time. 3,019 more words


When your family's roots start digging in

Well, that was a surprise.

So I went online tonight on a whim to see what all has happened in the world of online genealogy since I took my last serious look (several years ago). 172 more words


Congratulations Gouri Krishna!


Appler Gouri Krishna had taken part in the schoolkutti.com online quiz and had emerged as a winner. Congratulations to Gouri !!!!

Thank you schoolkutti.com for those innovative and creative concepts.


Who you gonna call now?

I’m not a huge fan of reboots, and here’s why. It shows a lack of creativity. For all the ideas that exist in the world, for every story that has been told, there is a way to present it visually. 513 more words