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Vacation Chills Not Thrills

Anxiety is a prowling beast inside me.  It’s insidious, attacking me at odd times of the day, closing me down, making the walls seem to draw in and the air seem harder to breath.  285 more words


Some Pig

One March Break when I was very young, my mom and I spent the week reading Charlotte’s Web aloud to one another, during which we discussed some of the book’s more complicated themes of birth and death and that often horrible state in between that we call living. 378 more words

Nail Art

Do You Know The Secret Truth About Writing?

Another writing blogger, whose scribblings I often enjoy, pointed out in one of his musings a while back that with all the articles, novels, e-books and blogs available today, more words are being written now than ever before. 965 more words


Christmas in Bakersfield

Many people love the holiday season, but it can be an awkward, tense and funny family time. Christmas in Bakersfield is the story of creator-performer Les and his boyfriend Mike.  78 more words


(Un)real Characters

So I was scanning through my usual news sites a couple of weeks ago and saw a headline about the Guardians of the Galaxy that caught my eye. 945 more words


From Page to Screen: A Man for All Seasons

When it comes to adapting literary works for the big screen, most of the time- in my experience, anyway- it’s a hit or miss venture. You either stay as true to the source as you can and risk alienating people unfamiliar with the original work- or you “Hollywoodize” it and upset those who ARE familiar with the book or play. 267 more words