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Generate Nerve-Shredding Story Tension---Power of the Secret-Keeper

It’s tempting for us to create “perfect” protagonists and “pure evil” antagonists, but that’s the stuff of cartoons, not great fiction. Every strength has an array of corresponding weaknesses, and when we understand these soft spots, generating conflict becomes easier. 1,364 more words


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Great reminders here... What do you think? Are you a secret-keeper?  - sld

Good Sketching Habits

As part of my resolution to tell better (more) stories, I’m trying to take my idea sketching up a notch as well. So while trying to figure out the personalities of my up-coming webcomic characters, I made a personal goal that in every sketch the characters would: 260 more words


RECIPE: Salted Caramel Bourbon Syrup

Electrical problems in my car caused a detour from my morning plan. 182 more words


Pleated Skirts and Amens

When she asked me whether I would go to art school, I said “No” too fast. There is something about a girl sitting in class, drawing, that is different from a girl sitting in class, reading, or a girl sitting in class, talking. 600 more words


Allen Say's Kamishibai Man and Tinkering with Puppet Pals

Third grade has been working on an Allen Say author study.  In class, they have read multiple books, compared and contrasted, and started identifying what marks a book as Allen Say’s work.   715 more words


Never Going to Watch HBO's The Leftovers.

In The Leftovers, based on the novel by Tom Perrotta and developed by Damon Lindelof (Lost, Prometheus) a mysterious, a event has occurred making 2% of the world’s population disappear. 353 more words


The Influence of Horror Movies, Tarantino & Scorsese

I finished the final Splinters of the Soul edits on August 7th, and the response thus far has exceeded even my imagination. The word ‘amazing’ came up in the first 5 reviews received from my readers and the ultimate compliment has been that it’s a great story. 774 more words