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Dear Jack: Primrose Vs. Rainbow- Finding A Preschool Near Our New House

4 years, 1 month.

Dear Jack,

There are certain assumptions that might arise, with our upcoming move into our new house on January 29th. (That’s the official close date, still Lord willin’.) 623 more words


Shades of Change

“No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.” — Hal Borland

Sitting on my front stoop in the early spring of 2009, I was playing my guitar on the first warm, sunny day of the season. 183 more words


#hap2014 - 355 - Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit (by JRR Tolkien)

Yep. Made it into a cinema again which really is unusual as this this the 3rd time in about 3 months. Before that I have been in only 3 movies in half a decade. 211 more words


All About A Toy!

All About A Toy!

As a child, did you ever receive a gift from your parent or a family member that had such an impact on you that as an adult, it shaped your way of thinking, dreaming and responding to the world?  550 more words


Ep. 1 William and the Windmill


this is a retelling of the first adventure of William in our D&D homebrew game. Follow william a young man who is setting out to change the world a discover what it truely mean to become a beakon of light.


Chapter 92: A New Season - Part I

Melody was well in to her second trimester and was doing very well. She hadn’t experienced any morning sickness, but her back ached a lot and she frequented the bathrooms. 929 more words

The Sims 4

100 Days | 100 Paintings No. 55

Saturday, 20 December 2014

The entry for today, No. 55, chapter eleven…

‘… her pink tongue lies lank …’ 218 more words