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25 Books That Will Change Your Life

Humans are, by nature, storytellers. Telling and listening to stories are our means of teaching, learning, socializing, entertaining, and living vicariously. Stories are so prominent in our lives, it’s not surprising that they affect readers in ways that stick with them for the rest of their lives. 216 more words


Wednesday is the Middle of the Week

I laughed at this story joke my Mom sent me, especially since

she almost received a traffic ticket in the last months she lived

‘independently’ in Vermilion, Ohio. 1,051 more words



On behalf of all of us on the Board of Cal-TASH, I’m pleased to invite you to follow our blog!! As you may know already, because frankly you wouldn’t be getting this if you weren’t involved with Cal-TASH already, we are dedicated to the advocacy of all people whose vision for their lives centers around the notion of INCLUSION!   345 more words


Too Creepy to Survive?

The strangest monster ever to fall off the Welsh cryptid map.

A veritable bestiary survives from Welsh myth and legends, from dragons, the Gwiber and Carrog, to the legion of races collected haphazardly under the umbrella (or should that be a cloak) of the Tylwyth Teg, with monstrous boars, basilisks and lake serpents along the way. 1,599 more words


Vernon, Florida: The Stories We Tell

I have a confession to make. I have only seen five documentaries made by Errol Morris, which includes Vernon, Florida (1981), the topic of today’s post. 831 more words

Some great advice from none other than Roald Dahl

I came across this little gem on Twitter recently. Jay Williams wrote to Roald Dahl in 1980 asking for some advice on a short story he had written. 18 more words

Content Marketing

"Finding Our Family"

There is a remarkable story about two men named Gary and Randy who worked for a furniture delivery business in Maine. Customers often remarked that they looked alike, but the two men didn’t give it a second thought. 299 more words