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Okambashu story quest – in search of Namibia's greatest storyteller

Gondwana Collection Namibia has partnered with Bank Windhoek and Namibia Media Holdings in search of Namibia’s greatest storyteller.

Storytelling is an age old tradition and the only special equipment needed is a great deal of imagination and the power of listening and speaking. 266 more words


The Inner Monologue

He longs for a walk down the lonely road
For the loneness gives him umpteen stories to be told.

Stories that would die a natural death in time. 143 more words

Are You "Happy"

I’m addicted to interviews. Interviews allow me to be a voyeur into someone’s life without having to know them. If the interview is good, the interviewer will gain the trust of the guest and be allowed to explore more than just the surface issues that the tabloids are interested in, and get to more of a soul level. 295 more words

Greg Katz

Goodbye July

At the end of every week, month and year I find myself repeating the phrase “wow, that flew by”. Yet in this case, it is fitting to read it, write it and say it. 669 more words


The Communication Barrier a.k.a The Game Master's Screen

If they are used properly, storyteller’s screens are a valuable tool in running and managing your game.  Used improperly, these paper walls can be an imposing barrier between the players and the storyteller, a physical manifestation of the subconscious castle that inexperienced (or just plain bad) game masters take shelter behind to avoid player conflict.   1,918 more words


Sometimes Less is More

 By: Adam

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Video games as an entertainment medium have a means of storytelling that is untouched. They allow us as players to be the hand that guides the story. 525 more words


The 'Challenger' sales story

Sales aids are perhaps the single most important item of marketing collateral produced by any company. After all, they define the core brand story and are the ammunition for most company’s most potent communication tool – its sales people. 974 more words