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what changes you bring

I’m writing by the seat of my pants this summer more than I ever have. It’s a lot of things–weird, wonderful, exciting, terrifying, roundabout, experimental, liberating, and slow-going. 337 more words


I Just Don't Want to Be Alone Right Now

In an act of desperation I attempted to reconnect with a guy from England who I met online over a year ago.

Jordan Michael* was one of the guys I came across while working for a video chatting website. 679 more words

Female MC named Klassic

This is an interview with a female MC, named Klassic.  She has a positive message for young people or anybody out there that wants to make it in the music business or industry. 21 more words

Center for Science and the Imagination

via Duncan Work in LinkedIn Center for Science and the Imagination.

“I had always kind of imagined that … science fiction followed after what the engineers were doing,” Stephenson says, “but Michael insisted that the engineers were ready to go. 92 more words


Buckingham Palace and the Ramayan Connection

Queen Kaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikayee live in Buckingham Palace.

It so happened, a few months back, that as a step towards introducing Dhruv to our Hindu custom and mythology, daddy started telling him the story of Ramayan every night before sleep. 314 more words


Continuing the Story

So, yesterday I was very much focused on the idea of both the important role that storytelling can play in our lives, our cultures, our development and the idea of returning to things in your life, seeds that had been planted in your soul a long while ago, when the time is right. 1,119 more words