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Be! Aggressive!

Just one girly at the tourney and it’s kill or be killed. JK. I’ve been watching a lot of Brad Neely this week. 


Heggo. Late late.

This weekend I hooked up with that nice dude I hooked up with before, M, thus breaking my curse of loving-and-leaving (and never speaking to again, as is sometimes the case). 570 more words


A Whole Year

It’s been a year since the first tingle began, and the subsequent diagnosis. What happened afterwards was a cascade of changes… I wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything about this, but here I am. 437 more words


Adventures at Sea

Ahoy! This week in storytime we had an adventure at sea, featuring pirates and ocean animals!


I’m the Biggest Thing In the Ocean by Kevin Sherry… 139 more words

The Wind Blows Because the Trees Move

First off, I love my dad. He’s pretty great, and we get along well. And I must say he deserves quite a chunk of credit for me being the way that I am today. 872 more words


StoryTime #4 – The Time I Became A Crazed Knife Maniac

You ever had the feeling you’re being watched? Ever thought that something seemed out of place? Well I did have these feelings, in addition to about six hundred other thoughts that mostly involved me getting dismembered by a hoodie-wearing burglar with bad breath. 472 more words


Rainy Days

Sooooooo, it’s April and we got a tiny bit of snow yesterday.  I really was hoping that it would be warm enough to rain on the day when we did our rainy day storytime, but no.   315 more words