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Pakayla Biehn...

There’s something truly intriguing about double exposure photographs, but these multi-image paintings are even more magical.  So light and summery they feel like a daydream. 33 more words

Straight, No Chaser: Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

We all get concerned when it comes to things that damage or put our vision in danger. As such, you should be aware of the most common condition causing visual problems in children. 499 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Living With Strabismus, Part IV: The Surgery

So this morning, I will be on my way to Baltimore for my surgery at 9am. What exactly are they doing, you ask? Good question, I’m glad you asked! 430 more words

Living With Strabismus, Part II: Chinese Water Torture

I want to see.” That is what Blind Bartimaeus said when asked what he wanted Jesus to do for him. However, there’s lot that was going on in those four word beyond his ability to use his eyes. 1,525 more words

Day 136: Look After Someone Who Needs Me

Today Alex got laser eye surgery.

Facts about laser eye surgey:

  • It takes approximately three minutes to treat each eye.
  • It does not matter if you move, blink, sneeze or cough during the procedure.
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Living with Strabismus, Part I: What It Is & How I Got It

I have always kind of secretly liked and rooted for the blind guys in the stories in the Bible. Bartimaeus is my favorite, but you also have the guy in John 9, and two in Matthew 9:27-30. 1,214 more words

Ahoy, Matey!!

Some of you have asked about Elaine’s eye patch.  I forget that I haven’t explained that part yet!  Many premature babies have eye issues since they did not fully develop in the womb.   342 more words