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All Eyes on You

One of the ways I test whether someone is an unobservant jerk is if, upon meeting me, they ask “Are you looking at me?”

Yes, I am looking at you. 515 more words


I mean, why settle for four eyes

when you can have eight?

So, yeah,

this morning we found out that our baby boy, 10 days shy of his first birthday, will need glasses, 595 more words


Drawing without Depth Perception Part 2

This is a poppy because that might not be obvious.  I found the poppy exceedingly difficult (to me poppies appear particularly flat and dimensionless) and this is all kinds of wrong.   181 more words


Surgery + 3 months: an update

Today marks 3 months since I had my strabismus surgery, things have been healing, some other things have happened, and so I thought I would give an update on how things have gone and are going on a few fronts: 936 more words

Saga of an artist's eyes

It all started with my left eye, which for most of my life tracked upwards and to the left, relative to my right eye, and is also my dominant eye. 1,155 more words