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Making Progress

Every once in a while someone who knows about my vision therapy will ask me “how is it going?” I usually don’t know  how to answer them because I don’t have much of a way to gauge the effectiveness of the therapy. 350 more words

Using Red and Green: In Black and White - Part Five

Fifty Shades of Green…and Red

When Part 4 concluded last week, we had covered many aspects of how and why to use red and green filters. 826 more words

From My Perspective...

learn by learning...

It can sometimes be an interesting challenge to grasp and understand the value of experience, particularly in the ‘instant validation’ times we live in. Why do we need to experience failure and how can it possibly help us to become better?   634 more words

From My Perspective...

A virtual reality game to treat your lazy eye!

Lazy eye generally refers to amblyopia (weak eye) and/or strabismus (cross eye). In those affected by strabismus both eyes do not line up properly causing diplopia (double vision), amblyopia (weak eye), and loss of vision in one or both eyes. 143 more words

My Matthew...

My Matthew is a tenderhearted little boy.  He is my pride and joy.  He makes me smile and laugh when no one else can.  He frustrates me more than anyone on this earth.   569 more words

Learning How To See

At the end of October, I went to see an eye doctor in New Market to see about vision therapy. I had an exam, and she had me look at all kinds of stuff – pictures, letters on a wall, and a neat little contraption that fed different images to each eye. 1,406 more words

Art du Jour 19

This is what happens when you can’t make up your mind about hair colour.  There’s only so much blending you can do with pencil crayons and then they just refuse to do it anymore. 251 more words

Prompts And Challenges