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I Don't Wanna

There are days when I just “don’t wanna”. This is one. I don’t wanna get up. Don’t wanna go to work. Don’t wanna deal with the “happy people”. 246 more words

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I'm Using This Today

I’m beat. Stuff is happening out here, in my world. I’m gonna punt today and post a meme. I wish I had some inspiring words. I don’t. 29 more words

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*I get stuck on a train of thought and it lingers around. This is kind of one of those.*

I freely admit my bias. I’ve done it in multiple posts. 381 more words

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A Gentle Answer

Wonder what would happen if we quit vilifying each other? The Bible says “A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”. I wonder if we tried that approach with the “anti’s”? 240 more words

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Z Told Me I Could Stop Writing These

There’s a problem with that title. It is this. I AM NOT being repressed. The voters are not voting to limit my rights. I am being granted the protections of the law. 203 more words

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The Case Against Marriage Equality

The case against marriage equality boils down to “it’s against my religion”. OK, I can respect, even if I disagree, with that.


The case for, in my instance, marriage equality is far more complex. 210 more words

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