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Living On The Edge - A Short Guide to Straight Edge

As recent research suggests, young people are shunning drink and drugs in ever increasing numbers. One thing which could at least partially account for this new clean-living trend could be the rising popularity of the ‘straight edge’ culture and lifestyle. 461 more words


Who the Hell is that Guy?! (sigh...never mind)

Today, I was pondering this past Sunday’s shocking and exciting experience of meeting hardcore punk legend, Ian MacKaye. Not that there should be any heroes or legends associated with punk music, since all of that kinda goes against the idea of being “anti-establishment” in the first place, but I digress. 724 more words



::hardcore fanzine | vegan | straight edge | diy | god free | antifascist::

Dies ist ein kleines feines DIY-Fanzine, welches ich nach einem ereignisreichen Sommer ins Leben gerufen habe. 58 more words


4 Keuntungan Menjadi Seorang Straight Edge

Straight Edge adalah sebuah gerakan pemuda/anak hardcore yang menganut anti penggunaan narkoba, mengonsumsi makanan mengandung zat kimia berbahaya, meminum alkohol, merokok dan melakukan seks bebas. Dan lewat gerakan ini juga ngga memaksakan gaya atau atribut kaya tindikan, rante dan jaket kulit khas anak punk. 370 more words

Gaya Hidup

Social Damage To Release New EP "Eye For An Eye"

Social Damage from Indianapolis, Indiana have teamed up with Life To Live Records and Straight and Alert Records for the release of their new EP  31 more words


A Little Venting On Straight-Edge Culture

Due to circumstances in my life that I intend to post about, I actually no longer identify with straight edge culture, but I think I phrased this well, so I’m gonna repost anyway.   739 more words

The Punk I Was, The Punk I Am

Dear Progeny,

I couldn’t stifle a laugh. I had looked just like them once. Unkempt hair and a furrowed brow masked a child’s enthusiasm. The dark wardrobe matched well with the dimly lit Northeast Philly club. 1,132 more words