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I think these shoe tattoos — as spotted by Mr. Charlie Morgan — might be some of the few sports footwear tattoos I respect. The sole exceptions to the rule would be that guy with the Trimm Trab foot piece (because I imagine he would smash my head in if I didn’t respect it), my good friend BJ’s photo realistic AM95 on his leg and the never-realised, but discussed plan by Nick Schonberger to get the oft-derided Air Jordan XV permanently marked under his skin. 154 more words


Roar: Why I choose not to drink and why I choose to dance.

‘Dancin’ through the fire, ’cause I am the champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar!’ – Katy Perry, “Roar”, (Roar).

There’s a punk scene called ‘straight edge’. 1,055 more words


DS-13 - I Was A Teenage Fistfukk CS

DS-13 – I Was A Teenage Fistfukk CS (Blom/Busted Heads, 1997):   I think most people into hardcore/punk in the 2000’s know this excellent Swedish band.  But, if you don’t, my favorite way to describe them is as the only band that ever tried to play like Minor Threat and really succeed.   142 more words

Straight Edge Denton '97

Is anyone still straight edge
cruising past a thrift store
in a
midsize town
at the start of the Great Plains
Is anyone still cruising past a… 138 more words


Penchant for the abstract

I know this image is not going to appeal to many.
Rubber tyres on the back of a truck.
I like the play of round and straight edge that could only be found in the man made world.


Get It Away - Demo Tape

Get It Away – Demo Tape (self-released, 2003):  After some technological issues, lack of time, and general life stuff, I’m back at it.  To mark my triumphant return to posting things on the Internet, here’s Chicago’s own GET IT AWAY.   142 more words

Sadath - #1

“Apa yang ada di pikiran Mariah Carey waktu nulis lirik itu ya?”

“Great sex?”

“Hormone calling. Kenapa great sex?”

“I dunno, feels like that, hahahaha..” 160 more words