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Goodbye 2014

By Tieuma

It’s nearly the end of the year, and sometimes, I just feel like I’m too young for this. I mean, all around me, there’s people saying “I did my time, it’s not worth it/Hardcore was better before/you haven’t seen as much as I did” and the list goes on. 1,322 more words


Mindset + Praise - Euro Tour 2015

By Ed

Well This is going to be epic!

The London Date also features Death Threat,No Turning Back,Violent Reaction,Insist and more!

Tickets here


Straight Edge

Start Today Fanzine - The Scans Vol #1

By Ed

Obviously with doing a huge piece on Start Today Fanzine I have a lot of pictures and snippets etc.

I was originally going to do another bit on Jeff himself and use all the other pictures and media. 45 more words

Straight Edge

'The X. It’s more than a fashion'

The term ‘Straight Edge’ was coined in the early 1980’s by then Minor Threat vocalist Ian Mackaye. The song ‘Straight Edge’ became a platform for Mackaye’s philosophy about abstaining from substances, such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs, even abstaining from promiscuous sex.   468 more words


The Definitive Start Today Fanzine - Collection Part #6 - George Haye - Positive Peer Pressure.

By Ed

This a piece jeff did on George Haye of the iconic PPP.

React Records did some reissues of some of these but i know little about that. 3,140 more words

Straight Edge


So, to have to “introduce” you to AFI would be something that sounds pretty silly being that they have been around since 1991 give or take and have had a few huge records in the past decade, specifically… 495 more words


Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Cutting Edge

We’re all about winging it in the kitchen where appropriate ( hello, unrecipes!) but sometimes we need to be more precise.

When cutting baked goods, candies or other foods into squares, cover a ruler in plastic cling wrap and use it to mark off perfectly even portions. 98 more words