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The final week (Days 40 - 44)

So this is a bit strange insofar as Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week was on Sunday and still I have one week to go until Good Friday. 639 more words

The second to last week (Days 33 - 39)

The week began with me frantically handing in my essay before rushing home to watch Wrestlemania. For those still unaware I am a huge wrestling mark (fan) and today of all days is my Christmas. 317 more words

Review: Social Damage - Both Demos

Hardcore for me still is a place where you feel a sense of danger but at the same time safety. Hardcore for me means unity, acceptance, having fun, small bands, smaller venues, stage dives, hand drawn flyers, looking out for each other and reading fanzines. 438 more words



Prude. Straight-Edge. Stuck up. Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes. Snob. Bitch. Uptight.
If you’re anything like me, then you’ve likely been called one or two (or all) of these names at some point in your life. 794 more words

The Last Of A Dying Breed - The Definitive Tim Mcmahon Interview. Part Three: Face The Enemy - Triple Threat

In this third and final part, Tim talks about his two other bands; Face The Enemy and Triple Threat. We also touched on skateboarding, Straight Edge and other topics. 3,820 more words

The last two weeks (Days 18 - 32

Hey all. I know that this is really bad, not making a post for the last two weeks, and counting back I realise that this Lent is more than 40 days, hence the title of my blog now becoming foolish, But with uni I’ve been really busy with assignments and tests coming due so that I only have the spare time to do this several weeks after the fact and I have no idea what I ate or what I did or even how I felt. 209 more words