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Uncomplicated Bumble and Straight Conditioner Liter

Bumble and bumble provides you with the hair products that will protect your hair from damage. If you want to get rid of an oily scalp in summers and completely dry scalp in winters then… 313 more words


For Onsite Pro FS34H Washing Machine FloodStop with Straight Valves

This type of washing machine can be placed on any counter top or even on top of a table. This washing machine can handle few clothes in just a short time. 351 more words


We are AGAINST Gay Adoptions!

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I am absolutely AGAINST gay adoptions. As a matter of fact, I am absolutely IN FAVOUR of love for the child or children, respectively. 166 more words

There’s a world of difference to me between showing a masculine-presenting woman with an interest exclusively in men in a universe with no canonical queerness and showing a masculine-presenting woman with an interest exclusively in men in a universe where some of the other characters are canonically queer. 56 more words

Straight Ground Venison, Good Burger Patty, Wild-game Culinary Creation, And Percent Venison-to-bacon Ratio

Everybody loves bacon, right? It seems most meals can be heartily improved by adding bacon strips or bits, and that wild game you just snagged is no exception. 47 more words

Introduction and Mission

We are just two best friends. One straight. The other gay. BOTH crazy! Blessed with positive and upbeat dispositions and an insatiable love of meeting new people, tangle that in with a love of hard work and adventure and you have Meandering Jacks! 98 more words


[SEQUEL of Mistake] My True Love

Author : Hanwoo • Cast : Lee Hyukjae – Lee Hanwoo- Cho Kyuhyun and other cameos • Genre : Straight – Sad – Romance • Length : Oneshoot