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Isn’t it strange how people can literally take over your emotions? It’s like they have full control over you and your mind. You stop thinking, you think what they want you to think, you feel what they want you to feel. 213 more words


Dog Found Abandoned With Suitcase Filled With His Belongings

An abandoned dog was found at a Scottish train station with a suitcase full of it’s belongings and now, local animal welfare charities are working to find out who the neglectful owner is. 207 more words


They ate what? Xrays find the darnedest things inside pets

(CNN) Pets get into the strangest things sometimes.

And, this year, several beloved animals made snacks of outrageous items, from coins, to bras, and more! 87 more words


Zombie nativity causes an uproar in Ohio

CINCINNATI, OHIO (WLWT) a Cincinnati area man thinks he’s being targeted because of his Christmas display.

It is probably the most unusual holiday display in the region, and passers-by just can’t help but slow and stare. 96 more words

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Dog Falls 15 Stories, Lands In Hot Tub

(CBS) – Sam The Boston Terrier is looking good considering what he’s been through. He’s still very bruised and swollen, with fractured ribs and fractured pelvis. 322 more words


Ham contest

I was reading through a bunch of jokes written by kids. Some were odd, some were dull, some were actually funny. But one stood out from amongst the others. 446 more words