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Strange Fire: One Year Later

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Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace to You will be at GCC of Tulsa October 28th to speak on Strange Fire:One Year Later Update. 71 more words

Has Anything Really Ceased?

(Sometimes, although not always, you can learn about what the Bible teaches by what it doesn’t say as well as what it says.
Not too long ago. 824 more words

Charismatic "Calvinist": a contradiction?

This was the whole point of Steve Lawson’s message at the Strange Fire Conference.  Lawson (and MacArthur) is a baptist.

The following quotes are from… 433 more words


Donald Saliers, "Sounding The Symbols Of Faith", in Kroeker, ed. Music In Christian Worship

When we gather in community to sing and make music to praise God, or perhaps to lament our grief, deep memory is required.  Any musical act of prayer itself must go beyond the surface of the words, beyond the musical score.  

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Quick Thoughts: Guess what Charisma Magazine did?

Did Charisma let some ranting “prophet” share their latest divine revelation, or post an article promoting a heresy condemned by an early church ecumenical council? 373 more words

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A Merch Idea For W.Y.L.D.C!

I’ve been thinking of upgrading my wordpress.com blog to my own dot com site, and I’ve been also thinking about some merchandise ideas as of late as it would be fantastic to turn this blog into some sort of (tiny) source of income.  269 more words

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Strange Fire and the Charismatic Movement, Part 5 of 6

Characteristic #3: The Push for Apostolic Sign Gifts and the Experience of Non-apostolic “gifts”

Movement X believes in the “apostolic” gifts—healing, speaking in tongues, and prophecy. 1,621 more words

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