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Bizarre fast food items from Japan; Kit Kat Pizza....

Clear out your arteries because if you want to eat any of these fast food items from Japan they’re sure to get clogged.

Tsuke Potato with Ghana Milk Chocolate Dipping Sauce from Lotteria (340 yen [$3.33]) 18 more words

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Nuts for Natto!

So, I have to be honest…when I first heard of Natto I was a little skepticalĀ as to why it has an almost fanatic, cult like following in Japan, especially the Kanto region. 773 more words


Durian Challenge

Durian is considered the “king of fruits” with a “pleasantly sweet fragrance” in southeast Asia and likened to “rotten onions, turpentine, and raw sewage…garnished with a gym sock” in the west.* 163 more words