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10 Common Foods Once Considered Unfit to Eat

Brenda here! We’ve all seen Andrew Zimmerman on the Travel Channel  filling his pie-hole and ample belly with disgusting things on his ‘Bizarre Foods’ series. 353 more words


Abaleng and My Weird Food Tolerance

I was eight years old when I had kalderatang kambing, the first non-pork, non-chicken, non-beef, non-fish, non-seafood meat I’ve ever eaten. I don’t remember what goat tastes like (they say it’s like beef with a foul smell – … 453 more words


One Ant or Two, Madam.

Mouths Wide Shut

by Thoughts of a Senior Citizen

Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!). 557 more words


Japan - Some of the best restaurant serves…Dirt at $110 per head!

Hospitality Magazine recently announced its annually updated list of the 50 best restaurants in Asia. While the top prize went to Bangkok’s Nahm, Japan did snag the second and fifth place sports on the list. 759 more words

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Zambia, a backpacker's paradise

- by Jake Schario

Europe gets a lot of pub as being a great backpacking destination as do other regions like south east Asia and Latin America. 415 more words

Bizarre fast food items from Japan; Kit Kat Pizza....

Clear out your arteries because if you want to eat any of these fast food items from Japan they’re sure to get clogged.

Tsuke Potato with Ghana Milk Chocolate Dipping Sauce from Lotteria (340 yen [$3.33]) 18 more words

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