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So Young, But So Cold: Mary Goes Round

The Sisters of Mercy didn’t release many albums, but almost all of them are perfect. The only exception is Vision Thing. While it must have fans, the only song in that captures the same mood as the rest of their work is… 164 more words

Strange Girls: Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman is the kind of artist whose style has been mimicked over and over, to the point where, even if you aren’t familiar with her name, you probably know her style. 467 more words

Green Glow

This has been an exciting week for fans of weird music. Not only did Quimper release their new EP on Friday, but The Residents are… 170 more words

So Young, But So Cold: Marcie's Still Waiting

As far as I know, this band doesn’t have anything to do with that Marcie. Which is a shame, since both are groovy. (Somebody needs to form a Post-Punk band named Calling for… 281 more words

Strange Girls: Delia Derbyshire

I have never seen Dr Who, and I doubt I ever will. However, I do love its theme tune, mostly because of who was responsible for its weirdly alien sound. 359 more words

John Tenniel

Much like E. H. Sphepard, Sir John  Tenniel was a well-known Punch cartoonist whose later reputation was shaped by his contributions to children’s literature. Today, Tenniel is most famous for illustrating both… 308 more words

Review: Something from Alice

Something from Alice (also known as Něco z Alenky, or simply Alice) combines two of my great loves: animation and Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. A stop-motion film by Jan Svankmajer, it bears many similarities to another Eastern European film I’ve reviewed here, … 568 more words