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319. Film gak terkenal tapi bagus : November 2014

Di Bulan November ini, saya lebih awal menemukan film yang bagus namun, kurang terkenal. Film terebut adalah ” Stranger than fiction” (2006). FIlm yang diperankan Will Ferrrel ( Yang jadi Ron Burgundy), Maggie Gyllenhaal (yang jadi ceweknya Bruce Wayne di Dark Knight), Dustin Hoffman ( Rain Man), Queen Latifah dan Emma Thompson. 45 more words

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7 Days of Blogging – Self–imposed Challenge

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What??!” Who would impose 7 days of blogging in a row upon themselves?! And then subject the rest of the world to it?! 562 more words

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insane in the Maine

You know that friend that drags you to a party that you don’t really want to go to because the only people there will be their old friends from college or their scrap-booking circle or their Menudo addict’s support group and ten minutes after you arrive your friend ditches you next to the dip of questionable origin holding a red Solo cup of brown alcohol while they disappear into some dark corner with the ex they constantly bitch about yet still want to re-enact a nature documentary with? 810 more words


I Can't Think Of A Title For This.

I may be forced to go to some dark places in my art due to things I’ve experienced very recently. I’m not sure what to expect, because I don’t normally draw on these feelings for my art. 69 more words

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"Whole Wide World" - Will Ferrell / Wreckless Eric from "Stranger Than Fiction" (2006) dir. Marc Forster

Great song … great scene …  especially the way Wreckless Eric’s version climaxes the scene in all of its clunky glory.


Stranger Than Fiction

I was in London for a conference on 6th and 7th November and was able to squeeze in a brief visit to a photography exhibition.  My original intention had been to visit the ‘Horst’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, but unable to book a suitable time slot, I booked instead for ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ by Joan Fontcuberta, the Spanish/Catalan photographer/artist, at the Science Museum. 595 more words

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Is it too much to ask for happy endings?

I can’t read books that don’t have happy endings. I just can’t. No matter how well written it may be, I will throw that book into the trash (only metaphorically…the library takes the book off my hands). 633 more words