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Amish country...through a writer's eye.

I’ve just returned from Amish country and boy, are my eyes tired! I mean to say they just about leapt out of my head at the amazing sights abundant in Holmes County, Ohio. 353 more words

The Multiple Threads of Your Life Story

I’d like to invite you next to consider whether your Life Story might actually be playing itself out according to more than one Genre.  This week I have introduced you to three story types or genres that Life Stories represent: Comic Epic-Adventure, Tragic Epic-Adventure, and Episodic. 1,020 more words


On the subject of killing someone

I’ve spent the last week trying to formulate someone’s death and so far nothing feels right.

Need some context? There’s a character in my novel who must die and I’ve been trying to construct the way in which it should happen. 189 more words


Hard truths about writing and eggplant.

Let me just say the hard part first. If you want to be in the writing business, you’d better know that you’re going to fail. A lot. 374 more words

Mighty Cleveland

Cleveland County have won an Eastern Counties game for the first time in 33 years – which will be an encouragement to underdogs and whipping boys everywhere, including fellow Counties strivers Mighty Flatts Victoria. 164 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Reviews...good, bad and excruciating!

Ah reviews. We authors live and die by them. A five star review on Amazon? Woo hoo! That link is going to be posted everywhere in my cyber world. 326 more words

Series or standalones, pros and cons

I started my writing career as a greenhorn with a three book mystery series set in the tiny fictional town of Finny. I guess you could say, therefore, that I cut my teeth on series writing. 322 more words