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Don't mess with my happy...or "you can't do that in my romance novel."

Are you a voracious reader? Me too! And let me tell you, I invest plenty of emotion in the books that I devour. If certain things happen in the course of said novels, I can get quite PEEVED. 212 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Will Ferrell is a really good actor who has done some really interesting movies with really strong casts. There, I said it. He has also done some total crap in which he barely even tried to write a script, much less memorize it. 57 more words

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Facebook To Point Out To Your Idiot Friends That The Onion Is Not Real News

It’s both hilarious and depressing when I go onto Facebook and see that someone I know is expressing outrage — OUTRAGE!! — in response to a shocking news story they came across online on a little-known news site called The Onion. 241 more words

Those scene stealing animal sidekicks.

Harry has his Hedwig. Dorothy has Toto and there would be no Lone Ranger exploits without the faithful Silver. Animal sidekicks can sometimes emerge to be the unsung heroes of books or movies. 112 more words

Jennifer Slattery's book winner is...

Linda Presley! Congratulations and thank you to all who gave her such a warm welcome!

Beyond I Do...a guest blog and giveaway by Jennifer Slattery


It’s a great day to welcome a guest to my blog…fellow author Jennifer Slattery who’s here to chat about her book and offer a giveaway! Post a comment to enter the drawing to win a copy of Jennifer’s book, Beyond I Do. 209 more words

#songoftheday: Bad Religion - Inner Logic

Getting to the credits in Crazy Taxi, and hearing this song, was one of my proudest video game achievements.