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Music to an author's ears....top three compliments that thrill.

The job of the professional writer takes place mostly in darkened rooms or at out-of-the-way coffee shop tables. We slave away, push the send button and through some miraculous process the manuscript turns into a book. 233 more words

Episode IV: Independence

So say goodbye, it’s independence day. It’s independence day all down the line

So sings country and western wunderkind Bruce Springsteen in that song in which he craftily broadens the meaning of America’s 4th July celebrations to encompass a story in which the subject leaves their father and their hometown. 414 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

It's back to school...and back to book writing!

It’s time to gear up! School starts in a matter of days and for me that means diving back into a double life. Like Clark Kent, I have a mild-mannered public persona…I’m a third grade teacher. 216 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction, 2006

I had memories of this being rather good, but it was fairly run-of-the-mill this time around. Hmm.


Don't mess with my happy...or "you can't do that in my romance novel."

Are you a voracious reader? Me too! And let me tell you, I invest plenty of emotion in the books that I devour. If certain things happen in the course of said novels, I can get quite PEEVED. 212 more words

Stranger Than Fiction

Will Ferrell is a really good actor who has done some really interesting movies with really strong casts. There, I said it. He has also done some total crap in which he barely even tried to write a script, much less memorize it. 57 more words

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Facebook To Point Out To Your Idiot Friends That The Onion Is Not Real News

It’s both hilarious and depressing when I go onto Facebook and see that someone I know is expressing outrage — OUTRAGE!! — in response to a shocking news story they came across online on a little-known news site called The Onion. 241 more words