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Actor Spotlight Wednesday: Maggie Gyllenhaal

I love Maggie Gyllenhaal and I’m not entirely sure why. I think she’s incredibly natural, I think she’s a little off beat and not quite cut from the same cloth as other Hollywood starlets and I think she’s got a magnetic screen presence. 606 more words



Two thousand twelve was a big year for me: I officially quit my hated Day Job to pursue my art—and with some great results!  Two thousand thirteen was equally big—in a “how-big-can-my-debt-grow” kind of way.  886 more words


Can you make a living writing? Yes...and no.

This question comes up often, as we all strive to do whatever we can to keep afloat in this tricky economy. Could I make a living solely on my writing income? 288 more words

I Brought You Flours

It’s raining today. I hate rain. For anyone who likes rain, I mean no disrespect, but rainy days just suck. Sitting outside and soaking up some vitamin D while I read or listen to music is my favorite way to enjoy the weekend, so when it’s gross outside, I quickly become depressed and lethargic. 283 more words

Movies And TV

The Top 6 Movies About Writing

There are books, there are movies, and then there are movies where you’re like, is this a book? Just kidding. That never happens.

It’s Friday and if I want to be in the… 1,279 more words


Why an author's first book is different....

Did you ever devour an author’s first book and find the subsequent books slightly different? Perhaps in tone or intensity, or level of quirkiness? I recently had a conversation with a gentleman about that very topic. 293 more words

Taru Bloodsucking Freaksin herrasta

Vaaran merkki hoidettu, Yksinteoin hoidettu, Hellströmin kronikka hoidettu. Elokuvateatteri Orionin Stranger Than Fiction -esityssarjan viime vaiheet ovat olleet tapahtumarikasta ilotulitusta, eikä Apollo-elämäntyöpalkinnosta ilmoittava puhelu DocPointistakaan ehkä enää tulisi yllätyksenä. 1,156 more words