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7 Days of Blogging – Self–imposed Challenge

I’m sure you’re thinking, “What??!” Who would impose 7 days of blogging in a row upon themselves?! And then subject the rest of the world to it?! 562 more words

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insane in the Maine

You know that friend that drags you to a party that you don’t really want to go to because the only people there will be their old friends from college or their scrap-booking circle or their Menudo addict’s support group and ten minutes after you arrive your friend ditches you next to the dip of questionable origin holding a red Solo cup of brown alcohol while they disappear into some dark corner with the ex they constantly bitch about yet still want to re-enact a nature documentary with? 810 more words


I Can't Think Of A Title For This.

I may be forced to go to some dark places in my art due to things I’ve experienced very recently. I’m not sure what to expect, because I don’t normally draw on these feelings for my art. 69 more words

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"Whole Wide World" - Will Ferrell / Wreckless Eric from "Stranger Than Fiction" (2006) dir. Marc Forster

Great song … great scene …  especially the way Wreckless Eric’s version climaxes the scene in all of its clunky glory.


Stranger Than Fiction

I was in London for a conference on 6th and 7th November and was able to squeeze in a brief visit to a photography exhibition.  My original intention had been to visit the ‘Horst’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, but unable to book a suitable time slot, I booked instead for ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ by Joan Fontcuberta, the Spanish/Catalan photographer/artist, at the Science Museum. 595 more words

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Is it too much to ask for happy endings?

I can’t read books that don’t have happy endings. I just can’t. No matter how well written it may be, I will throw that book into the trash (only metaphorically…the library takes the book off my hands). 633 more words

High Wire Risk and Daredevil Litigation

On Sunday, Nik Wallenda became the latest person to capture the nation’s attention with a crazy stunt that did not involve handing a microphone to Vice President Biden. 610 more words

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