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Don't throw away our human rights, they're fundamental

With every story of suspected terrorists using their Human Rights 1998 (HRA) as some sort of defence, the calls for the HRA to be repealed become more fervent. 827 more words


An Introduction

Hello everyone!

My name is Sam and as many of you will already know I will soon be packing up my things, leaving sunny Scotland and moving to Strasbourg, a french City on the French/German border for a year. 538 more words


Le Michel

Latest tablet experiment  – blocking in color/shadow without line work AND a scene vs. portrait. Lots of improvement needed, but I like it. :) Based on a photo I took in Strasbourg, France last year.

Migraine and hypnosis

The purpose of this article isn’t to write an medical study on Migraines, but to give simple tricks to make the pain recede or disappear in minutes with auto hypnosis, even if you never actually experienced a trance… 432 more words


Time to drive on the right

It’s now been two weeks that we’ve been on the continent (doesn’t that sound old fashioned?). Silly me assumed that it would be easy to get online to update the saga of the revolting ridings; a much younger (and better looking) relative of mine who is currently travelling around Europe is finding it ridiculously easy to get free WiFi in hostels or for £1.99/day. 326 more words

Galatasaray announced Pocius

Pocius joins Galatasaray, Fofana to Strasbourg, Stutz to Nymburk & Bilbao announced Colom

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Strasbourg and La Petite Pierre

Day 1 of my brother’s visit was spent in Karlsruhe, eating crepes and having a wander around. He had been before (about seven years ago!) so it was interesting to see what he remembered. 909 more words