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Alsacienne Asparagus

About 4 books ago, or 4 weeks, if I am to be honest, I was reading a book called Black Roses by Jane Thynne.  It was written from the perspective of an upper class British 20 year old girl who runs away to 1933 Berlin to become an actress.  739 more words



This afternoon my Aunt and I went to a café and I asked for water and the cup had ice in it!! The first ice I have had in 4 months… and it was waayy to cold for me….



Here’s my escargot! It was actually sooo delicious! The trick is to not really look at them when you pull them out of the shell. They taste kind of like clams but if you look at them you can definitely see the snail parts.


Easter Basket

My host mom left me this treat for Easter. It was delicious and very cute. fun fact: in France (except Alsace because it has a German influence) they have chocolate bells instead of bunnies because instead of an “Easter Bunny” that delivers the eggs they believe that the church bells fly through the air bringing the eggs.


Visit from Auntie

My Aunt came to visit me this week! We wandered around the city, had drinks with my host parents, climbed to the top of the cathedral, went shopping, ate a whole bunch of crepes with my host parents, ate ice cream shaped like flowers and had some escargot.  61 more words


Strasbourg Continued

Followed by walking up 300 stairs, there was more walking, and then eating and eating. After eating, we walked a little further to find the area called… 86 more words


When Studying Abroad Becomes Teaching Abroad

Rebecca Brown, an SU Strasbourg student, had the opportunity to work at a high school while studying abroad in Strasbourg! Check out this excerpt about her experience so far! 234 more words