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Blogging as a strategic communication tool: Celebrating the 17th Anniversary of Jorn Barger's creation.

The feverish approach to blogging is unnerving. Yes it’s life affirming, gives you satisfaction, attracts new friends and generally offers an outlet for creative expression…woohoo! But in a world of noise, are we simply adding to the cacophony? 892 more words

The holy grail of comms is having people believe you

Communication by definition is the sharing of meaning. The business of communication needs to extend further. It simply has to.

When it comes down to it, the business of communication is all about influence. 596 more words

Strategic Communications

Nando’s: 25 Reasons

Believe you me there are more than 25 reasons to love South Africa, but Nando’s show South Africans things they can’t live with and can’t live without. 98 more words


Public Relations as Storytelling

I decided to become a student of strategic communications after realizing my love of and knack for storytelling. Although it doesn’t seem like someone who likes to tell stories should be in a field that primarily handles marketing, advertising, and public relations (maybe a degree in English would be more suitable), I felt differently. 375 more words

Throwback: Fiat Palio Nice

Nice is considered a generic, bland word that lacks valor. So you can imagine if someone were to give that exact remark at your pride and joy. 84 more words


Audi: A3 exchange

Would you give up your current car for an Audi A3 sports back? Before you start look at any of your expandable family members, there is no need to take it that far. 141 more words