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Intercultural Business: What you need to do Before doing Business Internationally

Working internationally has become a normality in most business around the world. Our intensely growing technology has created fast and simple ways to communicate worldwide, without travel. 371 more words


New Year, New Plan

In the last quarter of 2014 I found myself developing communications plan after communications plan for clients wanting to get a head start on 2015 communications strategies. 338 more words

The White House gets it. Now it's time for Millennials to get it, too.

The State of the Union was once a monumental event, relying on the anticipation of the political agenda introduced by the President to build excitement and optimism for the year ahead. 933 more words


My Thoughts On The Top Google Searches of 2014

There is over 40,000 Google searches every second. There is over 1.5 billion searches that have already happened today! It’s only 9:30 a.m. by the way. 381 more words


5 Tactics To Improving Your Personal Brand

Searching for yourself on google, bing, or whatever your preferred search engine may be is something we all have done. Sometimes there are some good things, some bad things, and maybe even no things. 682 more words


Direct Media: Let them eat cake!

Are you really thinking what you want to think? If you watch a program, will you see the same commercials that everyone else sees during that program? 811 more words


Do You Converge?

There was a time when 6 p.m. was known as the news hours, when viewers only got their news the old fashion way, from TV, radio, or print news. 733 more words

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