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Throwback: Fiat Palio Nice

Nice is considered a generic, bland word that lacks valor. So you can imagine if someone were to give that exact remark at your pride and joy. 84 more words


Audi: A3 exchange

Would you give up your current car for an Audi A3 sports back? Before you start look at any of your expandable family members, there is no need to take it that far. 141 more words


Prankvertising: Volvo

Lights, cameras and action… more like smile your on candid camera. Brands and their pranks, this time it’s Volvo on an unsuspecting valet. It’s always interesting to see a brand come out its comfort zone, into our physical space in the attempt to capture raw emotion. 235 more words


Viral & Community JHHESA Twitter Army

A pandemic that has left many orphaned and have led to child headed families. Africa is plagued with this virus and seeing this campaign which stirred emotions, I believe this is a campaign that should be viewed to gain perspective. 101 more words


What's The Difference Between Knowledge Mobilization/Translation & Strategic Communications?

My knowledge mobilization colleagues Melanie Barwick, David Phipps, Michael Johnny, Rossana Corandioli and I have just published an article looking at the differences and similarities between Knowledge Mobilization/Translation and Strategic Communications. 68 more words

Knowledge Mobilization

Google doc experience

I think the Google Docs generally worked well for us because it’s flexible in that people can work on their portion of the assignment when it’s best for them. 310 more words


Throwback: Cremora

“It’s not inside it’s on… top!” These were words that you were hearing everywhere you went after the airing of this advert. When I bumped into this advert once again, believe you me I was overwhelmed by the sense of nostalgia. 119 more words