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Selling To The Hyper-Informed Customer - Align Marketing and Sales

Sales and marketing teams are notorious for their long-standing disputes. One shocking statistic is that in some cases 90% of marketing content created for sales teams goes unused, according to the American Marketing Association. 245 more words

Mithun Sridharan

MoT for IoT (The Marketing of Things for The Internet of Things)

By Scott Levine
Vice President Strategy

As you’re most likely aware by now, the hot conversation about the internet these days is the expansion of the internet beyond the World Wide Web and email, to “things” that are now, or will be connected to it in the future. 744 more words

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Selling To The Hyper-Informed Customer - Equip Yourself With the Right Tools

Informed customers require technology that fits their habits. They are up to speed with the latest tech and can access the information they need quickly, anytime and anywhere. 238 more words

Mithun Sridharan

When Busy Brands Miss

Most of us have worked within companies that are very task oriented. Inside these companies, there are meetings upon meetings for the latest product launch or to scrutinize every last minute detail of a new ad campaign. 993 more words

Selling To The Hyper-Informed Customer - Be the Compass

The Internet may be a quick reference tool, but that does not mean it’s easy to find the right stuff. The role of a salesperson has not diminished; it has instead evolved into the Expert, the Curator, and the Guide. 210 more words

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Selling To The Hyper-Informed Customer - Introduction

Remember the saying nobody ever got fired for buying IBM? Choosing the least risky technology option was a mainstay throughout the last few decades, but it’s no longer the case. 189 more words

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Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing was originally a marketing strategy in which low-cost, unconventional means (including the use of graffiti, sticker bombing, flyer posting, etc.) were used in a (generally) localized fashion to draw attention to an idea, product, or service. 1,028 more words