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Marketing Surveys - Don't Forget The Design

Just think about it. You go to a classy restaurant and order y 5-course menu. How do you expect to be served? In sequence with one course following the other, or all food piled on your platter? 704 more words

Mithun Sridharan

Provenance Paradox and Emerging Economies

Since a product’s country of origin of the product establishes its authenticity, companies from emerging markets are unable to price products comparably to similar firms from developed markets. 917 more words

Mithun Sridharan

Crossing the Chasm

In my opinion, Crossing the Chasm, first published in 1991, is the bible of startup marketing. The book deconstructs the different types of customers and their objectives in making a purchase, as a new technology picks up a life on its own. 385 more words

Mithun Sridharan

iPhone’s Next Breakthrough!

It seems that Steve Jobs probably left a capable successor to maintain its legacy of innovative products. There is a strong “rumor” that the future iPhone screens would be made of rock-hard yet clear Sapphire. 389 more words

Strategic Marketing

Think Strategically for Proven Results

Want proven results from your marketing- who doesn’t? To really reap the benefits of your marketing activities, you’ll need to have both a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. 364 more words


You Need to be Found: Google Adwords

Today’s economy is challenging for many businesses, but it’s an even bigger challenge for the SMB owner, who is forced to use increasingly smaller marketing budgets to increase brand recognition and drive sales through lead generation tactics. 780 more words


Internalized Insights Acquisition

Internalized Insights Acquisition

Dearest You,

Imagine if there was a magnitude of insights that where readily and easily accessible, Imagine if it was just a matter of time, and effort in acquiring those insights, imagine if those insights where shared for the brands’ benefit and improvement. 403 more words

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