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Go Tell It Social Media Strategists-Leadership Blog 1 Vol 1... Leadership Moments #1-5

From the Desk of #drfaymaureen…Leadership Moments

Leadership Moment #1……Jesus had many disciples but his inner circle was three

 Leadership moment #2....Gehazi was a good servant but overstepped his boundaries and thought he knew better than Prophet Elisha..HE LIED TO THE PROPHET…became a leper….Likewise, Joab was one of King David’s mighty men but he shed the blood of war in peace….(2kings 5, 1 Kings 2) PRAY THAT GOD EXPOSE the ambitious spirit of Gehazi and rebellious/stubborn spirit of Joab….if they are in your inner circle, so it can be handled correctly before it goes too far. 123 more words

Communications Plans

Guessing Strategically - DMT Curriculum

In March I went to a training called Discipleship Multiplication Training (DMT) in Lisbon. I wrote a little bit about it after the training was done. 354 more words


How Do You Define Leadership?

Leadership is a widely studied topic and can be very complex.  I think there are many attributes that an individual must have to be a successful leader.  583 more words

Random Questions

The Guiding Principles of Strategic Fundraising (3/2014)

A strategic approach is always a long-term approach – or in other words: an early planning. Elements to be planned include according to the Swiss fundraising consultant Dr. 358 more words


HIRING & The Big Reason to Hire Superstar Employees Isn’t the Work They Do

The Big Reason to Hire Superstar Employees Isn’t the Work They Do
by Walter Frick, Harvard Business Review.

Commentary by Bob Whitesel: “In this research we find that innovators and thought-leaders grow an organization by not only creating an environment for productivity … but also by attracting other innovators. 24 more words


Hospitality Strategic Management Concepts and Cases Criteria

With lead industry experts in hospitality Management, the ICI’s students get the most up-to-day tips and tricks, as well as knowledge and skills form the experts in hospitality management… 266 more words