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Strategic Management

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Answers the call with the groans of the external environment and allow you to achieve a competitive advantage, for a total of the enterprise to survive in the long-term, while achieving their goals. 6 more words

Case Solution for At a Crossroads: The Strategic Dilemma at PENPOL

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      At a Crossroads: The Strategic Dilemma at PENPOL

Authors :           Rajasree K. Rajamma, Catherine Giapponi, Arun Kumar S Rao, Chandrasekhar Padmakumar… 373 more words


No Great Strategy Was Born Without Careful Thought

Nothing strikes at the heart of frustrations carried by many Product Management leaders like the topic of strategic planning.  I would wager that even just reading that first sentence caught your attention and brings certain emotions to the surface … for good, or for bad.   521 more words

Crystal Balls

I was having lunch last week with a CIO of a division of a large global company and we were discussing the aspect of our roles that we enjoyed the most (I plumped for the nice pickle inside my roll!…sorry i couldn’t resist that!) in both cases, the part we enjoyed most was the bit that allowed us to look at new innovation in the tech market and see how it may benefit those we do our work for. 1,404 more words


Explore Social Media and Leverage the Potential

With social media being as prominent as it is, understanding how to leverage its potential becomes important. Before you dive in though it is important to understand that social media can become addictive, irresistible and warrant manic behavior. 181 more words

Social Media

Be Excellent at Being You

Think of how you feel when a person goes above and beyond for you.  Think back to a moment when a stranger paid for your meal or held the door open, even when you were walking slow.   782 more words


Proposed Project Governance Model

Project Governance 

Project governance refers to the set of guidelines, roles and responsibilities that define the authority structure and the decision process in a project. 657 more words