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The Guiding Principles of Strategic Fundraising (3/2014)

A strategic approach is always a long-term approach – or in other words: an early planning. Elements to be planned include according to the Swiss fundraising consultant Dr. 358 more words


Hospitality Strategic Management Concepts and Cases Criteria

With lead industry experts in hospitality Management, the ICI’s students get the most up-to-day tips and tricks, as well as knowledge and skills form the experts in hospitality management… 266 more words

Interplanetary released on Steam Early Access for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Developed by Team Jolly Roger for Windows, Linux and Mac, Interplanetary is a hard science fiction turn-based #strategy artillery #game where players wage wars by developing their home planets and firing their… 243 more words

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Hungering for a Great Game

I’ve been reading a Douglas MacArthur biography, and it gives me a great desire to play a really good strategic war game. I want it to be hardcore: if I run out of fuel, I want my vehicles to stop dead until they get more. 108 more words


The price of a doodle and squeak

A dark dark night and a screaming baby. It is 3am. You know the little one needs a dose of Calpol but you have just dropped it on the floor. 825 more words

Christopher Brooks

Leadership Bifocals

In my interactions with participants in the Chaddock Leadership Academy, I often talk about the need for leaders to wear bifocals. And, just as you have to be careful not to trip when you first start wearing actual bifocals (yes, this is the voice of experience!) you also have to get used to the changes in perspective as a leader when you move from looking through the up close to the distance portions of your leadership lens. 389 more words


Our part in the downfall of Karl Marx

      “Humankind sets itself only such problems as it can solve”

Karl Marx

Was Marx correct? Its a great quote but surely the NHS is proof enough that the great man was wrong with his assertion. 286 more words