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How to make your presentations awesome

I had a conversation several days ago with a teacher who was asking all the right questions. She wanted ideas of what works, what the research is saying is great for kids. 406 more words


The hitchhiker's guide to Customer Service

Hey there!
This will be the first proper post of this blog, so it is the right time to say “Welcome”.


Okay, that was easy, we can get down to business. 373 more words


6 Strategies for Making a Brilliant First Impression in 9 Seconds or Less

As the story goes, my mom and dad, who recently celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary, met at a dance in college. My father introduced himself, saying, “I’m Howard Hogshead from Hudson.” 798 more words

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ABIC 2014 Saskatoon: the best of biotech!

The Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference (ABIC 2014) will run October 5 – 8 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, hosted by Ag-West Bio. ABIC™ is the premier global meeting that promotes innovation in bioscience to ensure sustainable food, feed, fibre and fuel security as the climate changes. 214 more words

AgriDigest Update

Reading: A Foreign Concept

Apparently, I have been spoiled for the past two years.  I have had students who have begged to read and who were happy to have the opportunity to read in class. 266 more words


Some Strategies to Teach Writing to Students with Disabilities

Today I read this excellent article on the Huffington Post:  “Fixing our National Writing Crisis From the Foundation Up.”   In the article, Graham discusses how student writing scores are pretty low considering that writing proficiency is required “for success in today’s knowledge-based economy” where “communication skills are more important than ever.”  He suggests that we go back to teaching foundational skills since they are the “building blocks of written language.”  There are seven things we should teach:  handwriting, spelling, vocabulary development, sentence construction, writing process, writing strategies and genre knowledge.   664 more words


Strategy 4: Drinking Tea

Yummy! Tea. Everyone always talks about how great tea is but to be honest, the only tea I’ve ever had was iced tea. So, I decided to make tea this week’s anxiety coping strategy because I start school in a little less than two weeks, and my anxiety is starting to get a little more frequent and more severe. 555 more words