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Your Window of Opportunity: Lessons to Succeed

Travelling at about 20 km/h one wet morning on my way to work, I noticed that a squirrel shot out of the shrubs and darted across the road like a rocket. 823 more words


Breathe like Rickson.

Breathe like Rickson 

One of the most iconic images of the Choke documentary is Rickson Gracie’s breathing techniques. This documentary is a staple among grapplers. I personally remember the feeling of having seen it in… 843 more words


Global Alliance Of Mayors Strategize To Fight Deadly Ebola

… Appeals To World Bank, IMF To Cancel Financial Obligations Owed Them By Severely Affected Countries

Members of the Global Alliance of Mayors and Leaders of Africa and from Africa Descent have ended the 3rd meeting of the Global Alliance in Accra with a resolve to strategize and fight the deadly Ebola epidemic that has spelt out most adverse and threatening situation facing Africa and the world as a whole. 505 more words